Scott County, Kansas
Scott Community High School
Graduates 1921-1925
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Class of 1921
Boulware, Theodore
Cleveland, Esther
Gamble, Hilliard
Hull, Reba
Kramer, Zelda
Lehr, Marie
McKean, John
Mercer, Louelma
Neese, Cleda
Norman, Eva
Oxley, Arta
Petefish, Bernice
Potter, Gerald
Riley, WIlbur
Russell, Harvey
Yager, Ida

Class of 1922
Barnhart, Audrey
Boulware, Reuben
Bucknell, Fances
Cheney, Agnes
Cheney, Ruth
Daugherty, Bernice
Easley, Eunice
Farmer, Anna Mae
Givens, Leeford
Gordon, Jack
Griffith, Leone
Kirk, Helen
Hirk, Harold
Merrill, May
Moffett, Lillis
Neal, Frances
Neese, Mildred
Newman, Vannas
Proudfoot, Nellie
Rector, Kenneth
Rictor, Agatha
Rose, Opal
Ruth, Adrian
Sperling, Dolphine
Ward, Lucille
Wilson, Zelda

Class of 1923
Armantrout, Beulah
Armantrout, Russell
Brown, Lena
Carson, Myrtle
Carson, Pearl
Dague, Mary
Daugherty, Victor
Fletcher, Marie
Hess, Edgar
Hess, Robert
MacDonald, Ray
Peak, Lola
Potter, Pearl
Rose, Farrel
Ruth, Emma
Scott, Essie
Slaughter, Audra
Sloan, Nanna Mae
Smith, Bertha
Watkins, Mallie
Watkins, Spurgeon
Wood, Marie

Class of 1924
Anderson, Emanuel
Bane, Thelma
Brock, Naomia
Cain, Esther
Cheney, Victor
Cook, Marie
Dunlap, Lynn
Force, Ivan
Gilliland, Marguerite
Grosjean, Wendell
Hendrix, Helen
Johnson, Geraldine
Jones, Lee
Markley, Alta
Masch, John
McEuen, Ethel
Pearsall, Goldie
Proudfoot, Donald
Smith, Hubert
Smith, Sidney
Spaulding, Grace

Class of 1925
Brock, Louisa
Brookover, Earl
Bryan, Sadie
Cain, Mattie
Cheney, Dorothy
Coffin, Edwin
Cotts, Paul
Crist, Ray
Easley, Mildred
Epler, Walter
Givens, Don
Greenlee, Janovine
Hull, Inis
Lenz, Loren
Long, John
Long, Leland
Masch, Lena
McCormick, Mary
McKean, LeRoy
Metheney, Louise
Mott, Horace
Mulch, Everette
Murphey, Gladys
Petefish, Otis
Radnor, Gladys
Robb, William
Schoonover, Hazel
Silvey, Minnie
Smith, Claude
Steele, Elba
Summers, Buela
Tuggle, Lloyd
Zinn, Fern

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