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Loretta M. Taylor January 1, 2004
Am trying to find descendants of Joseph Inlow and Phurby Cornell Inlow who lived in Minneola, Clark County, Kansas.  Their children were Alva Inlow, Walter Inlow, and Bertha Inlow Schul.  Phurby's mother was Susannah Cornell Jewell Kassman.  Phurby was my grandfather's sister.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.



Peggy C. Wilson February 22, 2002
Seeking information on John S. Folks and his family.  His son George Sylvester Folks married Edna Cracraft...need info on her family, too. 1900 Clark Co., KS, Center Twp, June 29, 1900, ED 30, Sheet 7a Series: T623  Roll: 474   Pg 46   140, 140 - Owns farm #52 free of mortgage
John S. Folks, head, W, M, Aug 1847, 52, Mar 29 yrs, MD GER GER, farmer
Bridget, wife, W, F, Dec 1847, 52, Mar 29 yrs, 10 children, 8 living, WV NJ WV
James O., son, W, M, Sep 1876, 23, S, WV MD WV, farmer
George S., son, W, M, Mar 1879, 21, S, WV MD WV, farmer
Charity J., dau, W, F, Apr 1882, 18, S, KS MD WV, at school
Elizabeth M., dau, W, F, Dec 1884, 15, same
Sarah L., dau, W, F, Sep 1887, 12, same
Charles A., son, W, M, Jun 1891, 8, same 



George C. Houston June 6, 2004
I would like to ask about a Francis POWERS and descendants. Settled in the area of Ashland around 1872-73.  Somewhere in Clark County.



Jackie Smith July 7, 2004
My husband's great grandfather owned the land that St. Jacob's well is located on.  His name is Joseph C SMITH and he came to Kansas in 1871.  I would like to  know more about him and especially his parents if you have any information. It was handed down in the family and then sold in the 1950's.  Thank you,



Marvin Golden July 15, 2004
My uncle Ellis GOLDEN lived in Sitka Clark Co., Kansas, and his brother William lived with him.  I am sure that Ellis got married between 1920 and 1930 when they moved to Colony Anderson Co., Kansas.   Would there be any place in Sitka or Ashland where there would be some records pertaining to my uncle Ellis.  Thanking you for your help and cooperation



Audrey July 19, 2004
I am looking for information on Frank M. ARNOLD and any of his family that lived in the Clark County area during the early 1900's.  Frank's father, Alexander T. ARNOLD, is a brother to my 3rd great grandfather, James E. ARNOLD.  



Donald Peach July 28, 2004
I am searching Clark Co., Ks. for information on the family of Jacob HAINDEL. I have a picture of a small farm in Ashland, Ks. In that picture is a woman and two men ( One my wifes grandfather, Clarence HAINDEL ) Clearance's father Jacob and his wife. Jacob had another son, Grant HAINDEL who died in Arkansas City, Ks. , date unknown. The HAINDELs moved to Kansas from some place in Indiana. Clarence went to Mullhall, OK. during the land rush, married had a child then disappeared. Any help or advise you can give would be great.



Grace Bagwell August 31, 2004
I am searching information about D. B. LLEWELLYN.  He died 28 Feb 1947 in Englewood, Clark, Kansas.  I also have seen him listed on the census as Noble.  I would like to know his given name (unless it is simply initials).  If anyone has information about him, I would appreciate knowing more about him.  He was married to a Pearl LANGMORE in 1921 I believe, but I do not have an exact date or place.





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