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July 12, 2005
Am looking for info on Charles Oliver ZIEGLER and Mae PHILLIPS; married in Sabetha KS in 1906; buried in Hiawatha Cemetery.
Is there any way to get a copy of their obit's or any other info on them?
Charles Oliver Ziegler was born Dec 19, 1889 Sabetha KS; died July 11, 1959 
Mae Phillips born Dec 4, 1888 Rockport MO; died June 5 1943. 
Any help you could give me or suggest would be greatly appreciated.
They were my great grandparent's.
Thank you,
Shelly Russell -
July 16, 2005
Hi! My name is Donald Phillips. I live in Kansas City, Kansas and  my grandparents had their first 4 children in Brown County. I cannot find when they were married there. They had the first child, Nora Kistner 3-25-1886, Ella 10-3-1887, Clifford 11-21-1889, Herbert 11-26-1891. They are both buried in Hiawatha cemetery. I have their obits and photo of grave. Her name was Junie Mae CHAMBERLIN and his was James Crow KISTNER. Her father helped build and later ran Lindell Hotel in Oneida. After her mother died, 1-28-1910,  she was buried Mount Hope Cemetery and I have a photo of that grave and her obituary. The other children were born in Arkansas. I would appreciate anything you could find.
Donald - donald phillips

July 22, 2005 4:55 PM

Hi, ok this is what have, and some that know.
Benjamin W GRAYBILL lived in Morrill with wife Alice G. They did have property there along with others in family, one was brother Herman W Graybill and from what found on a map, he owned some business and land in that town. We are assuming Benjamin worked for Herman. Believe to be in horse and cattle business among others. Now Benjamin had some children, some we know born in Morrill but not sure of others. Also think one son might have died there but again guessing. We have always assumed married in Penn and then moved there but we could be wrong. Married Alice G Wolf on Oct 13 1872.
    Herman B Graybill   May 31, 1875
    Bryon Graybill          May 20, 1878
    Neva E Graybill       Jan 11, 1881  Now since Neva was born in Morrill assume ones before her were. She was my ggrandmother.
    Bennie B Graybill    Dec 15, 1886 and we have him dead in 1890. How or why no idea. The other 2 sons were born out west.
Sometime in the late 1890 Benjamin left there and took train out west and was meet by family of his wife and then traveled by wagon on to other places and ended up in Washington state at end. We did find that the Graybill family was from Lancaster, Penn and were in the Mennonite religion but at some point gave that up, when or why no idea.
If there are any old newspaper articles, or birth records, death records, etc, please would love all that can find and copies made if possible.
Stephennie -
Stephennie Rosendorf

July 26, 2005 9:43 AM

I am interested in obtaining copies of obituaries on the following: 
Maudie HOWARD, born 18 Oct 188?.  Died 27 Dec 189? and buried in the Morrill Cemetery. 
Balfour Howard, born 18 Jan 189?.  Died 23 May 189? and also buried in the Morrill Cemetery. 
Truman Howard, born Dec 1863 and died May 1934 in Topeka, Ks.
Stanton Baker -  leroy1

September 29, 2005 3:23 PM
Herman B. Graybill is my grandfather. I have the Graybill Family Bible dating from his father and mother. and I am looking for family history to help me reconstruct his story.
Virginia Sutton - Virginia

October 13, 2005 6:25 PM
Hi my name is Dan Mckeon, and I am looking for information on my  great grandfather born in New York City about 1860 (we believe) and died in Horton Kansas in 1902 in the Rock Island Railroad shop fire

Name --Patrick Henry MCKEON
wife ----------Adda Smith Mckeon
daughter ---Hattie
son ----------Daniel
son-----------Charles that may have died young... Need place were buried, and maybe a link to his family in New York... will appreciate any information you have  many thanks
Dan Mckeon - Dan

October 13, 2005 8:08 PM
I am looking for the descendants of James Bird SUTLEY b. 1843 Linesville, Crawford Co., PA and wife Mary Jane Reed b. Nov 1849 in Ashtabula Co, OH.  They were in Brown County (Hamlin area NW of Hiawatha by 1870) with WHALEY, BARNUM, WELTMER, TORKELSON, and others. Childlren: Melvina Jane (Samuel Clark Whaley), Edward James Sutley (Carrie Dean), George Andrew Sutley (Ada Hatfield, Zada Nichols), Nettie Irene Sutley (Charles Milton Whaley), Frank Ulyssis Sutley (Sylvia Mitchell), Carrie May Sutley (Ben W. Marker). 

Please contact Karen Beagle (Nettie Irene Sutley Whaley line)
October 13, 2005 8:15 PM
Looking for descendants of FRANK YAUSSI and WINONA SUTLEY married Sept 22, 1920 in Brown Co., KS.  Families lived in Baker and Horton areas south of Hiawatha. Winona was the daughter of Edward James SUTLEY b. July 31, 1871in Hiawatha, and Carrie L. Dean b. Nov 6, 1883, married Nov. 6, 1901 in Brown Co., KS.  They are buried Old Hiawatha Cemetery. 
Please contact Karen Beagle (SUTLEY and WHALEY lines).

October 13, 2005 8:22 PM
Looking for the descendants of WILLIAM LEROY SUTLEY b. Jan 1897 and DAISY E. WELTMER b. ca. 1900 in Hiawatha, Brown Co.,KS.  They were married 1918 in Brown Co., KS. 

Also looking for info on HENRY JOHN WELTMER b. ca 1887 and wife Minerva Belle b. abt 1887 and daughter   Parlette born 1915 died 1918.    All found buried in the Old Hiawatha Cemetery, Brown Co. 
Please contact Karen Beagle with info on the SUTLEY and WELTMER families.  


October 13, 2005 8:22 PM
Looking for the descendants fo FRANK ULYSSIS SUTLEY b. Jan 1, 1878 in Hamlin, Brown Co., KS who married Sylvia MITCHELL on Oct 19, 1904 in Hiawatha, Brown Co., KS
Fank died 1956 in Rooks Co., KS.  Children include: 
Neva Sutley b. ca 1906 in Brown Co. married LEE ANTHONY
Mary Belle b. ca 1910
Franklin or Frank b. 1823
There may be other siblings. 
Frank Sutley is the son of James Bird Sutley b. 1843 Linesvillle, PA and Mary Jane Reed b. 1849 Astabula, OH , both buried Hamlin Cemetery NW of Hiawatha. 
Please contact Karen Beagle
October 13, 2005 8:48 PM
Looking to exchange information on the WHALEY family, starting with HENRY HUBBARD WHALEY b. Sept 27, 1806 in Rhode Island who died 1877 in train wreck at Troy.  First wife was HANNAH MOSIER (married PA), second wife was Susannah BARNUM b. July 3, 1828 (daughter of Seth Barnum).  Henry and Susannah married July 27, 1857 in Crawford Co., PA
Children from first marriage to Hannah MOSIER:
1. Chauncy Whaley b. 1836 d. April 1923 buried Mt. Hope Cemetery
2. Josiah Whaley b. 1837 d. 1915 buried in Mt. Hope Cemetery
3. Hiram Whaley b. 1841
4. Lucinda Whaley b. Nov 1843 married Charles George Robinson died Mantorville, MN
5. Harriet Whaley b. 1846
5. Levi C. Whaley b. Sept 29, 1848  Crawford Co., PA married Joanna Hannah LINES, married second Nancy Elvina MOSIER Feb 13, 1908 in Brown Co., KS
6. Henry H. Whaley b. 1850 found 1880 Census in San Bernadino, CA
7. Almira Jane b. 1852 buried Old Hiawatha Cemetery
8. Eunice Whaley b. 1853 found 1880 Census in San Bernadino, CA
9. William S. Whaley b. 1854 died July 18, 1913 in Houston, TX
10. John Whaley b. Feb 1856 died 1933 (wife Nettie ARGO married Feb 10, 1890 Brown Co.) both buried Mt. Hope Cemetery 
Please contact Karen Beagle

October 13, 2005 9:33 PM
I am looking for Fathers Name of John MARTIN

I have 1880 census Doniphan Co
Jane MARTIN widow age 43 born NC
Marion            son age 20 born NC
John               son age 14 born NC
William            son age 11 born NC
John died 1901 was in Horton Commercial May 30, 1901 that he was staying with Jess Miller when he died but his family lived in Valley Falls.
I can not find the family in 1870 census in Kansas or NC, I am hoping maybe a State census 1875 or a obit that gives more information then the Horton Commercial.
Dot Martin

October 21, 2005 9:14AM
Looking for marriage, births
Birth of Arthur Sylvester KENNEDY Jan 3, 1857 - looking for his parents.  Don't know where he was born.
Marriage of Arthur S. KENNEDY to Mary Elizabeth HALL @1880
Births of :
James Byrl 1896
Mattie 1891
O'Neal 1889
Arthur Len 1884
Know they lived in Horton, KS about the time of James Byrl's birth
Lynn Spaight

October 24, 2005 5:20 PM
I am looking for info on my great-uncle and family. Lute Rogers and Lillian ??. They adopted one of my great-grandfather's sons when he became a widower in 1910. The child's name was James. On census found they went under the surname of Rogers or Rodgers. Was Lute and Lillian married in Brown co. ?? What was the maiden  name of Lillian ?? I would like to get in touch with any living descendents of  these folks or of William Rogers who died in Hiawatha in 1952. Thanking you in advance for ANY information you can supply.
Billy Reed. mother's maiden name Rogers


November 07, 2005 9:17 AM
I am looking for info on John NELSON father of  George NELSON. Hiawatha. George was born on July 15 1901 Hiawatha Kansas. Seeking any info on this family.
Thank you,
Norman E. Nelson

November 8, 2005 1:34 PM
Am looking for obituaries on the following individuals: Anna BEACHY and her husband, Mahlon BEACHY. Anna was born 4 Apr 1846 and her husband was born in 1847. Anna's maiden name was KEIM. In the 1920 census, Anna and Mahlon were 73 and 72 years old, and living in Morrill, Kansas. I can't find them in the 1930 census. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Rich Boyer
February 4, 2006 9:27 AM
I am looking for information on my great grandmother Mary Maud TUCKER.  She went by Maude, but I believe that Mary may have been her first name and Maud her middle name.  She was born in Hiawatha or Norwich, KS in 1872 or 1873.  I am not sure if Maude was spelled with or with out an "e" on the end.  All I know about her family is that her father and brothers were supposed to be "red hair-ed freckle faced Irishmen."  Any information on her parents, siblings or any other relatives or ancestors, living or dead, would be greatly appreciated. I would be interested in correspondence with any descendants.
Thank you and bless you,
Roberta Newman and Ann (Headlee) Holmes.

March 7, 2006 3:07 PM
I'm looking for information on Mary E. CHAPMAN of Highland, Doniphan Co., b-1819, Fayette, Vigo, IN, m-20 Aug 1839, Francis KING, d-18 Mar 1880
and buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery, Iowa Point, KS.  The Brown County connection is through William A. CHAPMAN, b-1855 and Martha Elizibeth KING, b-1861 and local resident Mrs. Crete CHAPMAN TURNER. This is based on information contained in a DAR Linage Book.
I would appreciate any help in identifying the Chapman linage and contact any other decedents.
Thank you,
Mickey Anderson

April 18, 2006 5:37 AM
I am looking for ANY additional information that you may have for
George KREBS , Birth records, Parents, Obit, death record, etc.
Born in Hamlin, Brown co on March 5, 1889
Died in Brown co in Aug 1940,
He was Married in Brown Co (in Robinson) Jul 6 1908 to Zelda Marie LANGE b. 28 dec 1891 in Robinson.
(information that you have on her or her family is welcome as well as I do not have any CERTIFICATIONS).  She also died in Aug 1940.. I suspect an accident of some sort as neither were very old.
These were my husbands Maternal great Grandparents Through the daughter Verna Irene (Krebs) McCorkle.
Melody Burkholder

April 18, 2006, 5:47 AM
I am looking for any information birth, death, census, parents for Myrtle (Sarah Martha) SOLOMON b. May 1884 in Mo. and d. 28 Dec 1974 in Hiawatha. buried in the Rose Hill Cemetery. Obit or any other material for her would be helpful as well. She was married 21 Jun 1900 in Clinton Co. Mo to Alfred Edward McCORKLE who was born 14 Nov. 1876 in Gower, Mo. He died 26 Mar. 1972 in Hiawatha, and is also buried at Rose Hill.  Any records of his parents, census info, obits or death certificates that you have would be helpful as I have not much information past him.
Melody Burkholder 

April 26, 2006 11:24 AM
Harold Edwin BOWERS died in Hiawatha, Kansas 23 May 1951.  I am trying to verify his place of birth and hopefully an obituary would provide it.  If you can find an obituary for Harold, please e-mail it to John Hardy .

May 15, 2006 10:22 PM
I am looking for 2 newspapers articles that were printed in the Horton Headlight Commercial in January 17, 1928 and January 27, 1928 that were written by William Morton Robertson that perhaps relate to family history. I would be happy to pay for copies of the articles and postage. Thank you for your help.
Sarah Gamby
Great, great granddaughter of William Robertson
665 15th Street Gering, NE 69341 308 436-2211

May 27, 2006 1:50 PM
I am looking for Burial Plot for Harry C Johnson wife and Mildred Hiskey believe to buried in Hiawatha Ks, Harry lived in Pleasanton Ks and Mildred lived in Kansas City MO and Mildred's parents lived in Sabetha Ks. I am looking at this for my son Richard D Johnson who is Harry Johnson Only Grandson living in this area, he wants to visit the graves, I believe Harry passed away abt 38 years ago (about '68) and his wife more recently, probably last 10 or 15 years maybe longer. I would appreciate anything you can tell me especially which cemetery they are buried in, I think Hiawatha, could be Sedalia, can't remember.
Carolyn Johnson

July 7, 2006 4:37 PM

Would like wording or copy of obit for Lillian PATTERSON.  She passed away March of 1973 in Hiawatha or Brown County.
Also, if you have anything on Robert Ellsworth PATTTERSON.  He passed away in June 1967.
Thank you.
12250 W. Somerset Drive
Franklin, WI  53132

July 9, 2006 1:55 AM

I'm looking for any information on a Sarah Ellen BRANSON. She was born in abt. 1852. She died abt. 1880.  Her maiden name was either WARD, RIDLEY, or GRIDLEY.  She and her husband David Branson lived at the Ridley farm in Washington,  Brown, Kansas,  in 1880.  In 1870, they lived in Walnut Creek,  Brown Kansas. 
Bobette Bryan

August 22, 2006 11:27 AM
I need the date of death of my grandparents Glenn Earl LOYD and Hazel Jane LOYD nee Bearce both of Hiawatha, Kansas.  They farmed outside Hiawatha for many years and both died in nursing homes somewhere in or near Hiawatha, I believe in the last 20 years.   Mother’s mind is going and she doesn’t seem to be able to remember anything.
Gail Loyd

August 24, 2006 3:25PM
I am seeking an obit for Clyde Eugene Bierly, Sr who died Dec 25, 1958 in Hiawatha, Brown Co, KS. Is he buried out there? Wife Jane Brown Bierly d.Sep 15, 1911. Do obits exist that far back? Clyde married again after Jane died to Emma Sarah Martin. I know nothing about Emma, but suspect she may have been married before.
Thank you for any help or suggestions.

October 6, 2006 12:54PM
Would anyone have access to the burial records for  the cemeteries in Fairview ? I'm looking for William E. BARNES b. abt 1819 in KY and Amanda Warren BARNES b. 27 Jul 1820 KY died 9 Apr 1899 in Fairview, Brown Co., KS. Thank you, Carolyn

October 9, 2006 9:23PM
I am looking for information on my maternal Grandfather, Henry IRSIK. He was born June 28, 1894 in Brown County and died in June 1969 in Newton, KS. I'm looking for information on his parents ad marriage date. Thank you.
Shirley Bax

October 18, 2006 2:21PM
I am looking for Nicholas Strawn's parents name. Nicholas is my great grandfather and was born about 1849 in Sabetha, Kansas (Nemaha County). His wife was Elizabeth Miller, born about 1853. I am hoping to find names of both parents of Nicholas and Elizabeth. Thank you.
Beverly Moffett

October 23, 2006 7:01PM
I am looking for information on my grandfather, Godfrey Jacob and family. His parents were Jacob and Ann Bigler. They were born in Switzerland and are buried in Morrill, KS. Thank you for any information you have.
Deanna Fouts

October 28, 2006 9:45AM
I'm wanting to locate a copy of the marriage license of my husband ex-father in-law and his wife. They were married Sept 6, 1944 in Hiawatha , Kansas. His name was Clark Cary and hers Rose F Jorgensen. Both of Council Bluffs Iowa.
Any help would be appreciated.
Virginia Anderson




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