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If you have a question about an individual that was born, lived, or died in Montgomery Co, you should do several things instead of writing a note to me. I don't have much Montgomery County research information at home and don't have the time to do research for people at the library. But there are lots of people who do. As with any request for genealogical information, you should be specific, "tell me everything you know about this person" won't get you very far. Few people are willing to take the time to do that, whereas they may be able to give you specific information about a birth or death or parents, etc. Once you find someone with a common ancestor and begin a correspondence, who know what all they may be able to give you.

-- Subscribe to the Montgomery Co Discussion List There are many people subscribed to that list that have materials at home or close by that they are willing to look up information in and email it to you. To subscribe: send email to: Majordomo@rootsquest.com In the body of the message put: subscribe ksmontgo no subject line is necessary

-- Write a letter to the Montgomery Co Genealogical Society requesting the information. There is a small charge for the time and copying involved. The Society doesn't make money from doing look-ups, it is done out of love of genealogy. http://www.rootsweb.com/~ksmontgo/

-- Take a look at the Montgomery Co Genealogical Society web pages... there are several books available listing interments in the cemeteries. The Society has also transcribed marriage information for the county.http://www.rootsweb.com/~ksmontgo/

-- Queries - Look at the queries posted and post a query regarding your ancestor. Queries

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Email Barbara Kidwell, Montgomery County Coordinator

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