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Take a look at the Digital Library, some transcribed records contributed by other genealogists
The Baxter Springs, Ks. Middle School Students have input Cutler's History of Kansas. They have done a great job. Their teacher is Caroline Ward. Caroline and her husband, Tom, are the Kansas State Coordinators for KsGenWeb. There are county links on the first page. 
Andy Taylor, the Editor of the Montgomery County Chronicle (published weekly in Caney and Cherryvale) has been kind enough to share with us some of his writings. I think you will enjoy them. No matter what aspect of Montgomery County history you are interested in , you will find some good information here. I know I did.
One of Coffeyville's claims to fame is that memorable day in October of 1892 when the Dalton Gang tried to rob both local banks at one time. They lost... and have each succeeding year during the reenactment of the raid each year in October. (The official score is Citizens 105, Daltons 0) The Dalton family history and genealogy (as much as is known) is at Kansas Gunfighters: Daltons. To read more about some of our local Wild, Wild West  stories, visit Larry Frederick's home page. You can also visit the home page of the Dalton Museum in Coffeyville. Also look at the narative on Debbie Walford's Labette County KSGenWeb page...it's written by Janelle Osborne, the great granddaughter of the Doctor that treated Emmett Dalton after the raid....he must have been pretty good, since Emmett lived to an old age. (After he was released from his "unfortunate incarceration", he moved to California!).
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Some Famous People have called Montgomery County home. These links are to sites away from Montgomery Co. KsGenWeb so use your back button to return.
Edmund G. Ross
Edward Payson Allen
Thomas Wagstaff
Adolf Carl Stich
Brigadier General George H. Wark
CWO Thomas A. Loftus
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