Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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Hobart, - 1, 2
Hobart, B. F. 1, 2, 3
Hobbs, B. H. 1
Hobert, Maude B1
Hobson, - 1
Hobson, Malinda B1
Hocket, S. C. 1
Hockett, Josie 1, 2
Hockett, S. C. 1, 2, 3, 4
Hockett, Samuel C. 1, 2
Hodgden, - 1
Hodgden, Sidney 1
Hodge, C. B1
Hodge, Colin biography, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Hodge, Colin O. B1
Hodge, Fannie B1
Hodge, Jane B1
Hodge, Lizzie B1
Hodge, Mary A. B1
Hodge, Susan J. B1
Hodge, W. C. B1
Hodge, William W. B1
Hodges, Linna J. B1
Hodges, W. A. 1, 2
Hodgman, C. F. B1, 1, 2
Hoeppner, August B1
Hoeppner, Augusta B1
Hoeppner, Augusta E. B1
Hoeppner, Betty B1
Hoeppner, Emma L. B1
Hoeppner, Frank B1
Hoeppner, Fred B1
Hoeppner, Malinda B1
Hoeppner, Mary B1
Hoeppner, Theodore J. biography
Hoeppner, Theodore M. B1
Hoeppner, William B1
Hoffman, Albert A. B1
Hoffman, Anna M. B1
Hoffman, Bernedette B1
Hoffman, Crist B1
Hoffman, Dora B1
Hoffman, Elizabeth B1
Hoffman, Eloise B1
Hoffman, Ida R. B1
Hoffman, Irna B1
Hoffman, John 1, 2
Hoffman, John P. biography
Hoffman, Levina B1
HOffman, Neva B1
Hoffman, Otto S. B1
Hoffman, Peter B1
Hoffman, Ralph B1
Hoffman, Veta B1
Hogaboom, William A. 1, 2, 3, 4
Hogaboom, Wm. A. 1
Hogan, Peter 1
Hogge, Adie B1
Hogge, Catherine B1
Hogge, Hattie B1
Hogge, Hilbert B1
Hogge, Hiram H. biography
Hogge, Hurley B1
Hogge, John B1
Hogge, Lula B1
Hogge, Mollie B1
Hogge, Nellie B1
Hogge, Phoebe A. B1
Hogge, Robert B1
Hoggie, Marshall B1
Hogoboom, Eliza B1
Hogsett, William 1
Hogue, Albert H. B1
Hogue, Artie B1
Hogue, Dellie B1
Hogue, Eliza B1, B2
Hogue, Elizabeth A. B1
Hogue, Emeline B1
Hogue, Esther B1
Hogue, J. F. B1
Hogue, James H. biography
Hogue, Kansas B1
Hogue, Mary A. B1
Hogue, Nannie B1
Hogue, Nathan B1
Hogue, Rebecca B1
Hoke, A. C. B1
Hoke, Ann Elizabeth B1
Hoke, Anna B1
Hoke, Ella B1
Hoke, Katherine B1
Hoke, M. B1
Hoke, Marian B1
Hoke, Mary B1
Hoke, Mollie E. B1
Hoke, W. S. biography
Hokes, - 1
Holbrook, J. B. 1
Holbrook, S. 1
Holbrook, Simeon 1
Holenberg, Belle 1
Holland, - 1
Hollingsworth, Hiram 1
Holloway, Ella B1
Holloway, R. E. 1, 2 1
Holman, A. C. B1
Holman, Amelia B1
Holman, Burns B1
Holman, C. W. B1, 1
Holman, Delilah B1
Holman, Della B1
Holman, Della Delilah B1
Holman, Elijah B. B1
Holman, G. W. B1
Holman, J. F. 1
Holman, J. Frank B1
Holman, John D. B1
Holman, Nancy A. B1
Holman, Otis Billings biography
Holmes, - B1
Holmes, Mary E. B1
Holmes, S. D. 1
Holmes, W. C. 1
Holoway, R. T. 1
Holstrom, Matilda B1
Holt, Amy B1
Holt, Anna B1
Holt, Elizabeth B1
Holt, Frederick B1
Holt, George B1
Holt, J. H. 1
Holt, Jacob B1
Holt, John B1
Holt, Lizzie B1
Holt, Louisa B1
Holt, Nancy B1
Holt, Samuel B1
Holt, Solomon B1
Holt, William B1
Holt, William M. biography
Holten, Anna B1
Holten, Anna Martha B1
Holten, B. B1, B2
Holten, Bertha B1
Holten, Calvin B1
Holten, Catharine B1
Holten, Eliza J. B1, B2
Holten, Emma B1
Holten, Emmet P. B1
Holten, Florence Esther B1
Holten, H. L. B1, B2
Holten, J. F. B1, 1
Holten, Jessie B1
Holten, John Francis biography
Holten, Lee H. B1
Holten, Margaret B1, B2
Holten, Mattie B1
Holten, Robertha B1
Holten, Ruth A. B1
Holten, Sarah J. B1, B2
Holten, V. biography
Holten, Vedantus B1
Holten, W. A. B1, B2
Holten, W. H. B1, B2
Holton, Frank 1
Holtz, D. F. 1
Holtzheuar, Theresa B1
Honrath, - B1
Honrath, Alexander 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Hookey, - 1
Hooks, T. M. 1
Hoole, Anna B1, 1
Hoole, J. H. 1, 2
Hooper, W. H. 1
Hoover, Caroline Leona B1
Hoover, Clara B1
Hoover, Cora B1
Hoover, Elizabeth B1
Hoover, Esther Jane B1
Hoover, Flora B1
Hoover, Flora E. B1
Hoover, G. W. 1
Hoover, George M. B1
Hoover, George W. B1, B2
Hoover, George William B1
Hoover, Harman J. 1
Hoover, Inez B1
Hoover, J. B. 1
Hoover, Jacob B1
Hoover, Joseph Alexander B1
Hoover, Manor B1
Hoover, Martha A. B1
Hoover, Martin R. B1
Hoover, Martin V. B1
Hoover, Martin Van Buren biography
Hoover, Mary B1, B2
Hoover, Mathews Valentine B1
Hoover, Matilda B1
Hoover, Maud S. B1
Hoover, Pamelia B1, B2
Hoover, Sophia B1
Hoover, Susan R. B1
Hoover, W. G. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Hoover, Wilfred M. B1
Hoover, William G. biography, B1
Hoover, William H. B1
Hopgood, Harriet C. B1
Hopkins, Anna B1
Hopkins, Carrie E. B1
Hopkins, Clarence B1
Hopkins, Cyrus 1
Hopkins, Daniel 1
Hopkins, E. W. biography
Hopkins, Edna B1
Hopkins, Erastus E. 1
Hopkins, Ethel B1
Hopkins, Eunice B1
Hopkins, George B1
Hopkins, Horace B1
Hopkins, Ida B1
Hopkins, Keziah B1
Hopkins, Liston P. 1
Hopkins, May B1
Hopkins, N. H. 1
Hopper, - 1
Hopper, J. D. 1
Hopps, - 1
Hopps, Bessie 1
Hopps. Ada A."1
Horn, Eva B1
Hornby, - 1
Horner, - 1, 2, 3
Horner, Abigail 1
Horner, Allie 1
Horner, J. W. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Horner, John W. 1, 2, 3, 4
Horning, Dora B1
Horning, Gotlieb B1
Horning, Pauline B1
Horr, Lottie M. B1
Horrell, Ellen B1
Horsefall, William 1
Horsfall, William 1
Horsfall, Wm. 1
Horton, A.H. 1
Hotchkiss, Charles B1
Hotchkiss, Charles B. B1
Hotchkiss, David B1
Hotchkiss, Ethel B1
Hotchkiss, Gideon B1
Hotchkiss, Gilead B1
Hotchkiss, H. B. B1
Hotchkiss, Harry B1
Hotchkiss, Jerome B. biography
Hotchkiss, Jerome B. Gilead B1
Hotchkiss, Joshua B1
Hotchkiss, Laura A. B1
Hotchkiss, Maria Olivia B1
Hotchkiss, Rush B1
Hotchkiss, Samuel B1
Hotchkiss, Stephen B1
Hotchkiss, Warren B1
Houck, - 1
Houck, W. 1
Houck, Will. 1
Houck, William 1, 2
Houck, Wm. 1, 2, 3
Houghton, W. S. 1, 2
Houghton, William S. 1
Householder, Anna 1
Houston, G. W. 1, 2
Houston, George W. 1, 2
Houston, Jerry 1
Houston, L. H. 1
Houts, Mary J. B1
Howard, L. C. 1
Howard, Amy B. 1, 2
Howard, Charles 1
Howard, Ezra Williams 1
Howard, L. C. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
Howarth, Margaret B1
Howe, Allura B1
Howe, Alma B1
Howe, Eliza B1
Howe, F. D. 1
Howe, Frank D. 1
Howe, Franklin D. biography
Howe, Harriet B1
Howe, Henry H. B1
Howe, Hollis B1
Howe, Mary F. B1
Howe, Rachel B1
Howe, Rachel B1
Howe, Sarah E. B1
Howe, Stillman B1
Howe, William S. B1
Howell, - 1
Howell, Amanda B1
Howell, Anson B1
Howell, B. F. B1
Howell, Catherine B1
Howell, Charles B1
Howell, Clark B1
Howell, Clyde B1
Howell, Elizabeth B1
Howell, Emma B1
Howell, Emma S. B1
Howell, Frank A. B1
Howell, Franklin B1
Howell, Harry B1
Howell, John W. biography, 1
Howell, Lewis B1
Howell, Lovie B1
Howell, Martha B1
Howell, Mary B1
Howell, Mary E. B1, B2
Howell, Minnie B1
Howell, Orpha B1
Howell, Oscar L. biography
Howell, Ralph B1
Howell, Sally B1
Howell, Susan B1
Howell, Tilarah B1
Howlett, C. H. biography
Howlett, Emily B1
Howlett, Hattie B1
Howlett, John B1
Howlett, Minnie B1
Howlett, Sadie B1
Hoy, - 1
Hoy, Caroline B1
Hoy, Daniel B1
Hoy, David biography
Hoy, Dee B1
Hoy, Emma B1
Hoy, Henry B1
Hoy, James B1
Hoy, Martha B1
Hoy, Mary B1
Hoy, Minerva B1
Hoy, Sarah J. B1
Hoye, J. T. 1
Hoyt, Ard B1
Hoyt, Sarah B1
Hubbard, Elizabeth B1
Hubbard, J. H. 1
Huber, Frank 1
Hudson, Andrew B1
Hudson, Ann Maria B1
Hudson, Charles B1
Hudson, Charles C. B1
Hudson, Isaac B1
Hudson, James W. B1
Hudson, Jennie B1
Hudson, John 1
Hudson, John H. B1
Hudson, Lewis biography
Hudson, Mary B1, B2
Hudson, Nancy J. B1
Hudson, Noah C. B1
Hudson, Sarah B1
Hudson, Sarah E. biography
Hudson, Susan B1
Hudson, William B1
Huff, Alberta B1
Huff, Elmer E. B1
Huff, J. B. B1
Huff, Lewis B1
Huff, Mary B1
Huff, Minnie B1
Huff, Noah 1
Huff, Polly B1
Huff, Sarah B1
Huff, W. A. biography, 1, 2, 3
Huff, W. S. 1
Huffman, - 1
Huffman, Ida B1
Huffman, J. F. 1
Huffman, S. S. 1
Hughart, P. S. 1
Hughes, E. H. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Hughes, Ella B1
Hughes, G. B. 1
Hughes, George B1
Hughes, George E. B1
Hughes, H. M. 1
Hughes, Isaac B1
Hughes, J. H. 1
Hughes, John biography
Hughes, John Sr. B1
Hughes, Lizzie 1
Hughes, Margaret E. B1
Hughes, Mary B1
Hughes, Mary L. B1
Hughes, Samuel B1
Hughes, Sarah A. B1
Hughes, Susie B1
Hughes, Thomas B1
Hughes, William B1
Hughey, C. E. 1
Hulbert, W. H. 1
Hulen, Alice B1
Huling, Addie B1
Hull, Frankie 1
Hull, Moses 1
Hull, Samuel 1
Hulse, Homer 1
Hulse, John 1
Humble, C. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Hume, Esther A. B1
Hume, Grant 1, 2, 3, 4
Hume, James B1
Hume, Mary B1
Humers, Aaron 1
Humes, Aaron 1
Humphrey, Annie B1
Humphrey, Catherine B1
Humphrey, Elizabeth B1
Humphrey, Ellen B1
Humphrey, Harry B1
Humphrey, J. L. 1, 2
Humphrey, Jane B1
Humphrey, John L. biography
Humphrey, John Law B1
Humphrey, Margaret B1
Humphrey, Marion B1
Humphrey, Martha B1
Humphrey, Mary B1
Humphrey, Shirley B1
Humphrey, Sunshine B1
Humphrey, Thomas B1
Humphrey, Thomas Paul B1
Humphrey, Victoria B1, B2
Humphrey, Virginia S. B1
Humphrey, W. H. 1
Humphrey, William B1, B2
Humphreys, Margaret B1
Humphreys, Virginia B1
Humphries, A. 1
Hun, T. J. 1
Hungerford, Julia B1
Hunt, Ella 1
Hunt, F. G. 1
Hunt, James 1
Hunt, O. N. B1
Hunt, T. S. 1
Hunt, William 1
Hunter, - 1
Hunter, F. A. 1
Hunter, J. F. 1
Hunter, Jennie M. 1
Hunter, W. H. 1
Huntley, Charlotte B1
Huntley, J. 1
Huntley, M. 1
Huntly, J. B. 1
Hurbut, S. P. 1
Hurlburt, W. H. 1
Hurlbut, M. A. 1
Hurley, Julia B1
Hurley, Mary A. B1
Hurst, H. O. 1
Hurst, Virginia B1
Hurton, Catharine 1
Husband, Charles 1, 2
Hussey, Maria 1
Huston, Jane 1
Hutchinson, D. C. 1, 2, 3, 4
Hutchinson, David C. 1
Hutchinson, John 1
Hutchison, - B1
Hutchison, A. L. 1
Hutton, J. M. 1
Hutton, J. P. 1
Hyatt, W. S. 1, 2, 3
Hyden, J. A. 1, 2, 3
Hydrick, Hance D. 1