Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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Squires, Kate 1
Squires, W .P. 1
St. Clair, Elizabeth B1
St. John, Margaret B1
St.John, - 1, 2
St.John, J. P. 1
Stacy, A. G. 1
Stafford, Ruthey B1
Staginaff, John 1
Stagmeir, Alva B1
Stagmeir, Charles B1
Stagmeir, Ella B1
Stagmeir, John B1
Staige, J. E. B1
Staige, Jennie B1
Staige, Joe B1
Staige, M. R. B1
Staige, Mary B1
Staige, Sarah E. B1
Staige, W. E. biography, 1, 2
Staley, V. 1
Stallard, - 1
Stallard, Rebecca J. B1
Stanfield, David 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Stanford, Thomas H. 1
Stanley, H. H. 1
Stansbury, - 1
Stansbury, Alice W. B1
Stansbury, Anna B1, B2
Stansbury, Benjamin B1
Stansbury, Benjamin M. B1
Stansbury, Eva F. G. B1
Stansbury, John B1
Stansbury, John F. B1
Stansbury, Joseph B1
Stansbury, Lawrence R. B1
Stansbury, Mary B1
Stansbury, Mary E. B1
Stansbury, Mary M. B1
Stansbury, Rachel E. C. B1
Stansbury, S. M. B1
Stansbury, Samuel M. biography
Stansbury, Sarah A. B1
Stansbury, William B1
Stapleton, E. 1, 2
Stapleton, Elisha B1, 1
Stapleton, Lurinda B1
Stapp, Walton E. 1
Starbuck, Mary E. B1
Stare, Benjamin B1
Stare, Catherine B1
Stare, Charles B1
Stare, Daniel B1
Stare, Edward B1
Stare, Elizabeth B1
Stare, Eva B1
Stare, George B1
Stare, Jacob B1
Stare, Jacob M. B1
Stare, Jacob S. biography
Stare, John B1
Stare, Peter B1
Stare, Sarah B1
Starks, Abigail B1
Starks, Edwin B1
Starks, Emeline B1
Starks, Evaline B1
Starks, Fannie B1
Starks, Homer B1
Starks, John B1
Starks, Julia Ann B1
Starks, Julius A. B1
Starks, Rosa B1
Starks, Sally B1
Starks, Stephen A. B1
Starks, Thomas B1
Starks, William Henry biography
Starnes, Elizabeth B1
Starnes, Harry W. biography, 1, 2
Starnes, James B1
Starnes, Susan B1
Starnes, W. W. 1
Starr, W. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Starr, William A. 1
Starr, Writ 1
Statton, Jackson 1
Steal, Sallie B1
Stearn, Sarah B1
Steel, Cass 1, 2
Steel, E. A. 1
Steel, J. G. 1
Steel, J. S. 1
Steel, James 1
Steel, John 1
Steel, Len 1
Steel, M. E. 1
Steel, Moses 1, 2
Steel, Robert 1, 2, 3, 4
Steel, Samuel 1
Steel, W. H. 1
Steel, William 1, 2, 3, 4
Steel, William P. 1
Steele, E. A. B1, 1
Steele, Lenn B1
Steele, Margaret J. B1
Steele, Mary E. B1
Steele, N. L. B1
Steele, Robert 1
Steele, William 1
Steinbarger, - 1
Steinbarger, Abe 1, 2
Steinbarger, S. C. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Steinberger, Abe 1
Stemple, A. C. B1
Stemple, Ann B1
Stemple, Anna B1
Stemple, Elizabeth B1
Stemple, Evaline B1
Stemple, Frank B1
Stemple, George B1
Stemple, Ida B1
Stemple, Jacob B1
Stemple, Jacob M. B1, biography
Stemple, James B1
Stemple, Louisa B1
Stemple, Margaret B1
Stemple, Maria B1
Stemple, Rebecca B1, B2
Stemple, Ruth B1
Stemple, Samuel B1
Stemple, Sarah B1
Stenimetz, M. J. 1
Stephenson, C. W. 1
Stephenson, S. 1
Sterling, Harry W. 1
Sterling, J. F. B1
Sterling, James F. 1
Sterry, C. N. B1
Stevens, David B. 1
Stevens, E. B. B1, B2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Stevens, E. H. 1
Stevens, E. S. 1, 2, 3, 4
Stevens, Edmund S. 1
Stevens, Elizabeth 1
Stevens, Eugene B. biography
Stevens, Ezra B. B1
Stevens, F. C. 1
Stevens, F. F. B1
Stevens, Gertrude B1
Stevens, Ida B1
Stevens, Ida M. B1
Stevens, M. E. 1
Stevens, M. F. (Mrs.) 1
Stevens, M. L. B1
Stevens, Mabel B1
Stevens, Mary B1
Stevens, Mary F. B1
Stevens, Pearl B1
Stevens, R. S. B1
Stevens, R. S. 1, 2
Stevens, Robert S. 1
Stevens, Samuel B1
Stevens, William 1
Stevenson, Chandler 1
Stevenson, Ida 1
Stevenson, P. 1
Stevenson, William 1
Stevenson, Wm. 1
Steves, R. S 1
Steward, - 1
Steward, John 1
Steward, Sarah B1
Stewart, - 1
Stewart, A. T. B1
Stewart, Allen B1
Stewart, Ambrosia B1
Stewart, B. B1
Stewart, Charles B1, 1
Stewart, Clark B1
Stewart, Dellie B1
Stewart, E. J. 1
Stewart, Elizabeth B1, biography
Stewart, Ellsworth F. B1
Stewart, Florence B1
Stewart, H. F. 1
Stewart, Harold B1
Stewart, Henry 1
Stewart, Henry J. B1
Stewart, J. B1
Stewart, Kate F. B1
Stewart, L. B1
Stewart, Layman B1
Stewart, Lyman O. B1
Stewart, Margaret B1
Stewart, Miles B1
Stewart, Nellie G. B1
Stewart, Nora B1
Stewart, O. H. B1, biography, 1
Stewart, Paul B1
Stewart, R. J. 1
Stewart, S. J. 1
Stewart, Watson 1
Stewart, William B1
Stewick, Nancy B1
Stice, Ada B1
Stice, Blanche B1
Stice, Carl B1
Stice, Charles B1
Stice, Clyde B1
Stice, D. M. 1
Stice, Dora B1
Stice, Edward B1
Stice, Fred B1
Stice, George W. B1
Stice, James B1, 1
Stice, John B1
Stice, Lena B1
Stice, Lucy B1
Stice, Maggie M. B1
Stice, Margaret B1
Stice, Marie B1
Stice, Martin B1
Stice, Mary B1
Stice, Nancy B1
Stice, Nora B1
Stice, Omar B1
Stice, Pearl B1
Stice, Samuel B1
Stice, Shadrach B1
Stice, Thomas F. biography
Stice, William B1
Stigenwalt, - 1
Stigenwalt, John M. 1
Stillwell, J. B. 1
Stilwell, J. B. 1, 2
Stockslager, C. O. 1
Stoddard, Chas. W. 1
Stoddard, S. A. 1, 2
Stokebake, W. S. 1
Stone, - 1
Stone, Belle B1
Stone, Benjamin B1
Stone, Benjamin F. B1
Stone, Benjamin S. biography
Stone, Cora B1
Stone, Cornelia B1
Stone, Elizabeth E. B1
Stone, Emma B1
Stone, Flora B1
Stone, George E. biography, 1
Stone, J. T. 1
Stone, Jennie B1
Stone, Joseph B1
Stone, Josephine B1
Stone, Margaret B1
Stone, Martha B1
Stone, Mary B1
Stone, Mildred B1
Stone, Moses B1
Stone, Robert B1
Stone, Robert L. B1
Stone, Susan B1
Stone, Sylveester B1
Stone, Thomas B1
Stone, W. Benjamin B1
Stone, William G. B1
Stonecipher, Edgar 1
Stonecipher, Etta B1
Stonecipher, Myrtle 1
Stonecipher, Sallie J. 1, 2
Stoody, Rosanna B1
Storrs, - 1
Storrs, N. S. 1, 2, 3
Storrs, S. D. 1
Story, Artie M. B1
Story, Henry 1, 2, 3
Story, Joseph B1
Story, Susan 1
Stott, Dick B1
Stotts, - B1, B2
Stotts, Alice B1, B2
Stotts, E. M. 1
Stotts, Ed B1
Stotts, Edwin M. B1
Stotts, Eliza B1
Stotts, Ellen B1
Stotts, Helen B1
Stotts, Helen Gladys B1
Stotts, J. O. B1, 1
Stotts, James O. biography
Stotts, James Wallis B1
Stotts, Jennie B1
Stotts, John B1
Stotts, John L. B1
Stotts, Lelia May B1
Stotts, Margaret B1
Stotts, Margaret A. B1
Stotts, Omah Mildred B1
Stotts, Robert B1
Stotts, Robert C. B1
Stotts, Rose B1, B2
Stotts, Sarah B1, B2
Stotts, Virginia B1
Stotts, William B1
Stout, Elizabeth B1
Stout, Jesse B1
Stout, M. D. 1
Stout, Malinda B1
Stovalle, Martha A. B1
Stover, G. A. 1
Stowell, Mima B1
Strang, J. C. 1
Stratton, Elizabeth B1
Stratton, H. W. 1, 2, 3, 4
Streeter, H. A. 1
Strickland, Isaac 1
Strickler, Jerry 1
Strode, A. M. biography, 1
Strode, Elizabeth B1
Strode, John L. B1
Strother, - 1
Strother, John 1
Strother, L. T. 1, 2, 3
Stroud, John 1
Stuart, Albert B1
Stuart, C. H. biography
Stuart, Ephraim J. 1
Stuart, Helen B1
Stuart, J. Maria B1
Stuart, O. H. 1
Sturgeon, Eliza M. B1
Sturgeon, T. L. B1
Sturgeon, Thomas R. B1
Sturges, W. 1
Sturgis, - 1
Sturgis, Ann B1
Sturgis, Arthur D. 1
Sturgis, Celia B1
Sturgis, F. E. B1
Sturgis, Florence E. B1
Sturgis, J. H. B1
Sturgis, Sarah B1
Sturgis, W. D. B1
Sturm, Donia B1
Sturm, Henry B1
Sturm, Mary B1
Sturm, May B1
Sturm, Melvina B1
Sturm, N. D. 1
Sturm, Nathaniel B1
Sturm, Nathaniel D. biography
Sturm, Ruth B1
Sturm, Susan B1
Sturm, William B1
Sturm, William M. B1
Sudith, Jemiah B1
Sullivan, Anna B1
Sullivan, Clarence B1
Sullivan, Fay B1
Sullivan, Frank B1
Sullivan, Gertrude B1
Sullivan, Irene B1
Sullivan, James B1
Sullivan, Joseph B1
Sullivan, Leo B1
Sullivan, Lizzie 1
Sullivan, Louis B1
Sullivan, M. J. B1
Sullivan, William biography, 1
Sullivan, William L. B1
Summerfield, Thomas 1, 2, 3
Summerfield, Thos. 1
Summers, Angeline B1
Summers, Elizabeth Polly B1
Summers, Eugene B1
Summers, H. 1
Summers, John 1
Summers, L. F. 1
Summers, Lorene B1
Summers, Olive B1
Summers, Ray B1
Summers, William B1
Sumner, M. A. 1
Sunderland, Alfred B1
Sunderland, Della B1
Sunderland, Lillian B1
Sunderland, Nellie B1
Sunderland, Sarah B1
Suttee, Mahala B1
Sutton, A. B1
Sutton, M. A. B1
Swab, Anna B1
Swagerty, A. J. 1
Swallow, Mary B1, B2
Swan, Jasper 1
Swanson, Augusta B1
Swanwick, - 1
Swanwick, A. D. 1
Swanwick, Arch D. 1, 2, 3
Swanwick, F. 1, 2, 3, 4
Swanwick, Francis 1
Swanwick, Mary B1
Swart, I. B. 1
Swart, J. B. B1, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Swart, Nellie B1
Swarts, B. C. 1
Swarts, C. W. 1, 2
Swartz, J. B. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Swartzell, W. H. 1, 2, 3
Sweet, C. B. B1
Sweet, J. R. 1
Sweet, James 1, 2, 3
Sweet, Jennie B1
Sweet, Mina B1
Sweet, O. 1
Sweet, R. A. B1
Sweet, W. W. 1
Swemberg, F. 1
Swent, Dora B1
Swift, A. W. 1
Swigert, Z. T. 1, 2
Switzer, A. B. 1, 2
Switzer, Albert B. 1
Switzer, J. E. 1
Switzer, J. L. 1
Switzer, James L. 1
Swogger, J. S. 1
Swope, Alfred 1
Swope, Catherine 1
Sword, Harrison 1
Syers, Alexander B1
Syers, Elizabeth B1
Syers, Margaret B1
Syers, Sarah B1
Sykers, Milo B1
Sykes, Albert biography
Sykes, Bert B1
Sykes, Bloomer B1
Sykes, Byron B1
Sykes, Daniel B1
Sykes, Eliza B1
Sykes, Elvira B1
Sykes, Emily B1
Sykes, Ernest B1
Sykes, Harry D. B1
Sykes, Loren B1
Sykes, Orpha B1
Sykes, Sumner B1
Symmes, - 1, 2
Syphers, Margaret B1