Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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Weakley, John T. 1
Weakly, Luther 1
Weatherby, Jane B1
Weaver, - 1
Weaver, Eleanor B1
Weaver, J. B. 1
Weaver, J. W. 1, 2
Weaver, James T. 1
Weaver, James W. 1
Weaver, John T. 1, 2
Weaver, Lodema B1
Weaver, Thomas F. 1
Weaver, W. C. 1, 2
Web, H. G. 1
Webb, - 1, 2
WEbb, Amanda J. B1
Webb, Anabel B1
Webb, Beulah B1
Webb, Curtis 1
Webb, Emma E. B1
Webb, F. M. 1, 2, 3, 4
Webb, Frank 1
Webb, H. G. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
Webb, Henry G. biography, 1, 2, 3
Webb, John 1
Webb, John L. B1
Webb, John N. 1
Webb, Susan J. B1
Webb, W. H. 1, 2
Webb, W. J. 1, 2
Webb, William C. 1, 2, 3
Webb, William J. 1
Weber, Flora B1
Weber, Lizzie B1
Weber, Masabella B1
Webster, C. F. 1, 2
Webster, Daniel B1
Webster, Helen B1
Webster, Mary B1
Webster, Peter G. B1
Weekly, John 1
Weekly, Luther 1
Weekly, Mary 1
Weekly, Pery 1
Weeks, L. E. 1
Weider, Jacob 1
Weiner, - 1
Weir, Clara E. B1
Weir, G. A. B1
Weir, J. E. 1
Weir, James B1
Weir, Julia B1
Weir, Lucy B1
Weir, Mary E. B1
Weir, May E. B1
Weir, R. A. biography
Weir, R. K. B1
Weir, Salina B1
Welch, Amos 1
Welch, C. E. biography
Welch, Charles W. B1
Welch, Don Carlos biography
Welch, Ephraim 1
Welch, Ethel B1
Welch, Evaline B1
Welch, Fayette B1
Welch, Frances B1
Welch, Howard B1
Welch, James Norman B1
Welch, L. W. B1
Welch, Lelia B1
Welch, Lorene B1
Welch, Louise B1
Welch, Lute T. B1
Welch, Luther W. biography
Welch, Mary B1
Welch, Mary Esther B1
Welch, Rosetta C. B1
Welch, Stephen G. B1
Welch, Stephen S. B1
Welfare, Ann B1
Well, E. 1
Wells, - B1, B2, B3, 1
Wells, A.H. 1
Wells, Albert B1
Wells, Angeline B1
Wells, Anna B1
Wells, Bertha B1
Wells, Clarissa B1
Wells, E. B1, 1
Wells, E. H. 1, 2
Wells, Edgar B1
Wells, Elijah B1
Wells, Elisha H. biography
Wells, Ethel B1
Wells, Ida B1
Wells, Isabel B1
Wells, J. A. 1
Wells, J. M. 1, 2
Wells, James Jr. 1
Wells, Jane B1
Wells, Jessie 1
Wells, John B1
Wells, Kiley B1
Wells, Leon B1
Wells, Martha B1
Wells, Mary B1, B2
Wells, Maud Frances B1
Wells, Minnie 1
Wells, Ray B1
Wells, Seth 1
Wells, Susan B1
Wells, Virginia B1
Wells, William 1, 2, 3, 4
Weltner, J. W. B1, 1, 2, 3, 4
Wenner, - 1
Wenzell, C. C. B1
Wenzell, Emma E. B1
Werning, Andrew R. 1
Weslow, Margaret B1
West, E. A. 1, 2
West, E. B. B1
West, E. H. B1
West, Eliza A. biography
West, F. E. B1
West, F. E. 1
West, G. C. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
West, H. E. B1
West, Jane B1
West, Lucinda B1
West, Mary B1
West, Sarah B1
West, Walter B1
Westbrooks, G. R. 1
Westervelt, America B1
Westervelt, Lewis B1
Westfall, Charles H. 1
Weston, Almeda B1
Weston, Della B1
Weston, Emma B1
Weston, Joseph M. B1
Weston, Louisa S. B1
Weston, Mary B1
Weston, Rosa B1
Weston, W. H. biography
Weston, William Robert B1
Westphal, J. W. 1
Whaples, Amanda B1
Whaples, George B1
Wheadon, Dency B1
Wheat, A. V. B1
Wheat, Agnes B1
Wheat, Andres B1
Wheat, Anna B1
Wheat, Denison B1
Wheat, Dora B1
Wheat, Dorothy B1
Wheat, Dorothy M. B1
Wheat, Eva L. B1
Wheat, James H. biography
Wheat, Jno. R. 1
Wheat, Louis B1
Wheat, Naomi B1
Wheat, O. P. B1
Wheat, Orville B1
Wheat, S. A. B1
Wheat, T. B. J. B1, 1
Wheat, V. G. B1
Wheat, W. W. B1
Wheatley, Anna B. B1
Wheatley, George W. 1
Wheeler, Clara B1
Wheeler, E. B. 1
Wheeler, F. C. 1, 2, 3
Wheeler, Fred C. 1, 2
Wheeler, Geroge B1
Wheeler, J. C. 1, 2
Wheeler, Polly B1
Wheelock, Nellie B1
Whelen, Nora B1
Wheller, - B1
Whistler, Harry C. B1
Whistler, Levinia B1
Whitaker, Susan B1
White, - 1, 2
White, Ada B1
White, Catherine B1
White, Catherine M. B1
White, Elizabeth B1
White, Elizabeth E. B1
White, F. C. 1
White, Fay B1
White, G. W. 1
White, George W. B1
White, H. F. B1
White, H. G. 1
White, Helen B1
White, Herbert B1
White, J. 1
White, J. R. 1, 2
White, James 1
White, James H. 1
White, James P. B1
White, Jane Amanda 1
White, Jesse B1
White, John B1
White, John G. B1
White, Laura B1
White, Lillian M. B1
White, Margaret Ellen 1
White, Margaret Jane 1
White, Martha B1
White, Mary M. biography
White, Mattie A. B1
White, Nancy B1
White, Nora B1
White, Perry S. biography
White, R. B. B1
White, R. G. 1
White, Rachael B1
White, Rose B. B1
White, Ruhema B1
White, Samuel M. B1
White, Sarah B1
White, Thomas B. B1
White, Walter B1
White, Walter G. B1
White, William 1
White Hair 1, 2, 3
Whitehead, Martha B1
Whitehead, R. B1
Whitesell, - B1
Whiting, H. L. 1
Whiting, S. L. 1, 2
Whitlock, W. A. 1
Whitlow, E. B. B1
Whitmarsh, A. H. 1
Whitnah, G. L. 1
Whitney, - 1, 2
Whitney, C. L. 1
Whitney, H. C. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Whitney, Henry C. 1
Whitney, Lionel A. 1
Whitney, O. 1, 2
Whitney, Otis 1
Whitney, S. L. 1
Whittaker, Frances B1
Whittaker, W. D. B1