Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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Robb, A. G. 1
Robb, Leatha B1
Robbins, - 1
Robbins, C. C. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Robbins, D. S. 1
Robbins, Estella B1
Robbins, W. W. 1
Robbins, Wm. 1
Roberson, Zachariah H. 1
Roberts, - B1
Roberts, A. E. B1
Roberts, Adolphus D. B1
Roberts, Alma B1
Roberts, B. D. 1, 2, 3
Roberts, B. F. B1
Roberts, Ben 1
Roberts, Benjamin B1
Roberts, Dudley B1
Roberts, E. D. B1
Roberts, E. G. 1
Roberts, E. Jane B1
Roberts, Elizabeth B1
Roberts, Ellen B1
Roberts, Emma B1
Roberts, Frankie B1
Roberts, J. 1
Roberts, J. Q. B1
Roberts, J. T. B1
Roberts, John B1
Roberts, John A. G. B1
Roberts, Josephine B1
Roberts, M. A. B1
Roberts, M. F. B1
Roberts, Marion B1
Roberts, Mary A. biography, B1
Roberts, Maud B1
Roberts, R. M. 1, 2
Roberts, Richard B1
Roberts, Sarah B1
Roberts, Thomas B1
Roberts, U. F. B1
Roberts, W. B. 1
Roberts, William B. 1
Robertson, A. J. 1
Robertson, Bernice B1
Robertson, Blanche B1
Robertson, Cleo B1
Robertson, Florence B1
Robeson, J. A. 1
Robey, W. H. 1
Robinett, Henry 1
Robinette, Jerry B1
Robinette, Mary B1
Robins, C. C. 1
Robinson, - 1
Robinson, A. D. 1
Robinson, E. G. 1
Robinson, Hazel B1
Robinson, Irwin A. 1
Robinson, J. I. 1
Robinson, J. R. 1
Robinson, John 1, 2
Robinson, Margaret B1
Robinson, Martha B1, 1
Robinson, Minnie B1
Robinson, N. C. 1
Robinson, S. K. 1
Robinson, Sallie B1
Robinson, Sampson R. 1
Robison, A. D. 1
Robison, Arnold D. 1
Robison, Emma B1
Rockafeller, A. M. B1
Rockafeller, Agsilaus B1
Rockafeller, F. M. biography
Rockafeller, Henry B1
Rockafeller, Pamelia B1
Rockafeller, Rebecca B1
Rockafeller, Zella B1
Rockhold, C. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Rockhold, Charles biography
Rockhold, Henry C. B1
Rockhold, John R. B1
Rockhold, L. E. B1
Rockhold, Letitia 1
Rodgers, George 1
Roe, Gideon B1
Roe, Mary F. B1
Roe, William 1
Rogers, - 1, 2, 3, 4
Rogers, Asa 1
Rogers, Charlotte B1
Rogers, Jonathan B1
Rogers, Joseph B1, 1
Rogers, L. A. 1
Rogers, Lewis 1, 2
Rogers, Millard 1
Rogers, Pearl B1
Rogers, Sarah B1, 1, 2
Rogers, Tianna 1
Rogers, W. M. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Rogers, William M. 1
Rogers, Wm. M. 1, 2
Rohr, Henry 1
Rohrer, - B1
Roller, A. B. 1, 2
Roller, Emily A. B1
Rolls, B. F. 1
Romine, D. A. 1
Romine, D. S. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Romine, David 1, 2
Romine, J. C. 1
Rorschach, Arnold B1
Rorschach, Caroline B1
Rorschach, Carrie B1
Rorschach, Emil Jr. B1
Rorschach, Emil Sr. biography
Rorschach, Emma Elnora B1
Rorschach, Frank B1
Rorschach, Harry B1
Rorschach, Herman B1
Rorschach, Karl B1
Rorschach, Mary B1
Rorschach, Otto B1
Rorschach, Walter B1
Rorschach, Werner B1
Rorschach, William B1
Rosboro, Eda B1
Rosboro, Edgar biography
Rosboro, Mabel B1
Rosboro, Shirley B1
Rosch, Elizabeth B1
Rose, - 1
Rose, Henrietta C. B1
Rosenberg, Ethel B1
Rosier, Mabel B1
Rosier, Pamelia B1, B2
Ross, - B1
Ross, A. I. 1
Ross, B. F. 1
Ross, Daniel 1
Ross, David 1
Ross, E. W. 1, 2, 3, 4
Ross, I. E. 1
Ross, Ira 1
Ross, J. N. 1
Ross, Joseph 1
Ross, Rebecca B1
Ross, S. A. 1
Ross, T. 1
Roter, Alice B. B1
Roter, Bessie P. B1
Roter, Charles A. B1
Roter, Cora B1
Roter, Dora B1
Roter, Edith B. B1
Roter, Harry B1
Roter, J. H. B1
Roter, John F. B1
Roter, L. R. B1, biography
Roter, Louise B1
Roter, Margaret B1
Roter, Sophia B1
Roush, Addie B. B1
Roush, Andrew Jackson B1
Roush, Carl M. B1
Roush, Catherine B1
Roush, Edmond Davis B1
Roush, Elizabeth B1
Roush, Emil J. B1
Roush, Emma B1
Roush, Emma Elnora B1
Roush, Ephraim B1
Roush, Franklin B1
Roush, George B1
Roush, Georgia B1
Roush, Guy B1
Roush, Henry B1
Roush, Ida May B1
Roush, Jacob B1
Roush, Jane B1
Roush, John B1
Roush, Joseph B1
Roush, Joseph Franklin B1
Roush, Luella Jane B1
Roush, Mary Elizabeth B1
Roush, Milton M. biography
Roush, Morehart B1
Roush, Nellie B1
Roush, Nina Florence B1
Roush, Philip B1
Roush, Sarah A. B1
Roush, Theodore B1
Roush, Ulysses Grant B1
Roush, William B1
Roush, William H. Jr. B1
Rowe, William 1
Rowe, Wm. 1
Rowen, T. Jr. 1
Royer, A. 1
Ruble, Jacob 1
Ruble, Theodosia B1
Rudder, Esther B1
Rude, Charles B1
Rude, Elizabeth B1
Rude, Elmira B1
Rude, Emily B1
Rude, Ethel B1
Rude, Gresham B1
Rude, Hallie B1
Rude, James A. B1
Rude, John S. biography
Rude, Laura B1
Rude, Leonard B1, 1, 2
Rude, Leonard Jr. B1
Rude, Louisa B1
Rude, Margaret B1
Rude, Mary B1
Rude, Oran B1
Rude, Sarah B1
Rude, Willard B1
Rude, William B1
Ruff, Jane B1
Ruge, L. G. 1
Rumsey, Annis B1
Rumsey, Chloe B1
Rumsey, E. S. B1
Rumsey, Ebenezer B1
Rumsey, Emma B1
Rumsey, Harrison B1
Rumsey, James B1
Rumsey, Margaret B1
Rumsey, Martha B1
Russell, A. N. 1, 2, 3
Russell, Adelaide B1
Russell, Alfred B1
Russell, Elizabeth B1
Russell, Frank B. B1
Russell, George B1
Russell, Harriet B1
Russell, Helen B1
Russell, J. F. biography
Russell, J. K. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Russell, John I. B1
Russell, M. M. B1
Russell, Margaret B1
Russell, R. S. B1
Russell, Robert H. B1
Russell, Sarah B1
Russell, Sophia B1
Russell, Thomas B1
Russell, W. 1
Rust, Arthur J. B1, biography
Rust, Arthur J. 1
Rust, Edith S. B1, B2
Rust, Eliza B1, B2, 1
Rust, Elizabeth B1, B2
Rust, Hattie B1, B2
Rust, John 1
Rust, John H. biography, B1
Rust, John H. Sr. B1
Rust, Leonora B1
Rust, Louisa B1
Rust, Mattie B1, B2
Rust, Milburn B1
Rust, Ralph B1
Rust, Stella B1
Rust, William B1, B2
Rutherford, - 1
Rutherford, Mary B1
Ryan, Albert M. B1
Ryan, Annie B1
Ryan, Asa B1
Ryan, C. W. B1, biography
Ryan, Edith S. B1, B2
Ryan, Eva M. B1, B2
Ryan, Harry B1
Ryan, J. E. 1
Ryan, Luther B1
Ryan, Margaret B1
Ryan, Nina D. B1
Ryan, T. A. 1
Rynerson, Ary B1
Rynerson, Christopher B1
Rynerson, Elizabeth B1
Rynerson, James B1
Rynerson, Jane B1
Rynerson, John B1
Rynerson, Laura B1
Rynerson, Mary B1
Rynerson, Mattie B1
Rynerson, Sarah B1
Rynerson, William B1