Transcribed from History of Labette County, Kansas and its Representative Citizens, ed. & comp. by Hon. Nelson Case. Pub. by Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Ill. 1901

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Wicox, Malina B1
Widmer, Albert B1
Widmer, Carrie B1
Widmer, Earl B1
Widmer, Elizabeth B1
Widmer, George B1
Widmer, Grace B1
Widmer, Harry B1
Widmer, Henry B1
Widmer, Jacob B1
Widmer, John B1
Widmer, M. B1
Widmer, Will B1
Widmer, William biography
Widup, Mattie B1
Wier, J. W. 1
Wiggins, Anna B1
Wiggins, E. 1
Wiggins, John 1
Wilber, Laura M. B1
Wilbur, William 1
Wilcock, Ella B1
Wilcox, Jonah 1
Wilcox, Jonathan 1, 2
Wilcox, Martin 1
Wilcox, Samuel 1
Wilcox, Wm 1
Wiles, Nannie E. B1
Wiley, - B1
Wiley, Caroline M. B1
Wiley, George E. 1
Wiley, Gertrude R. B1
Wiley, I. G. 1
Wiley, J. O. 1
Wiley, J. W. 1
Wiley, John W. 1
Wilford, Dora B1
Wilkes, J. E. 1
Wilkin, C. A. B1, biography, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Wilkin, Franc 1
Wilkin, Francis B1
Wilkin, Fred B1
Wilkin, Josie B1
Wilkin, Maggie B1
Wilkins, - 1
Wilkins, Frank 1
Wilkins, J. E. 1
Willey, John G. 1
Willhalf, Charles H. 1
Willi, Lillie 1, 2
Williamms, Frank 1
Williams, - B1, 1, 2, 3, 4
Williams, A. L. 1
Williams, Amelia B1
Williams, Ann R. B1
Williams, Anna B1, B2
Williams, C. H. 1, 2
Williams, C. M. 1
Williams, Charles B1, B2, B3
Williams, Charles H. 1
Williams, Cora Lee B1
Williams, Della B1
Williams, E. 1
Williams, E. (Mrs.) 1, 2
Williams, Elizabeth B1
Williams, Frank 1
Williams, G. W. 1
Williams, George B1
Williams, Henry E. biography
Williams, J. 1
Williams, J. E. 1
Williams, J. L. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Williams, J. L. D. 1
Williams, Jane B1
Williams, Jesse 1
Williams, John B1, B2
Williams, L. W. 1
Williams, Lee biography, 1, 2, 3, 4
Williams, Lena B1
Williams, Lewis biography, 1
Williams, Lucy B1
Williams, M. E. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
Williams, Maggie B1
Williams, Martha B1
Williams, Mary B1, B2
Williams, Mary E. B1
Williams, Melvina B1
Williams, Minnie May B1
Williams, Minta B1
Williams, Nathan 1
Williams, P. 1
Williams, Rachel 1
Williams, Robert 1
Williams, Rosa B1
Williams, Rose 1
Williams, Rosetta B1
Williams, S. A. 1
Williams, Thomas B1
Williams, Walter B1
Williams, William R. 1
Williamson, Diana B1
Williamson, J. L. 1
Williamson, Nelson 1
Willie, - 1
Willis, Ada B1
Willis, Addie B1
Willis, Annie B1
Willis, Ary B1
Willis, Chloe B1
Willis, Claude B1
Willis, Dean B1
Willis, Etha B1
Willis, Hattie B1
Willis, Hazel B1
Willis, Irna B1
Willis, James B1
Willis, John B1
Willis, Lucy B1
Willis, Mary B1
Willis, May B1
Willis, Roe B1
Willis, Sarah B1
Willis, Sarah J. B1
Willis, Shelby biography
Willis, William B1
Willits, - 1, 2
Wills, Clarence B1
Wills, Eliza M. B1
Wills, Florence B1
Wills, John B1
Wills, Joseph P. biography
Wills, Lottie B1
Wills, Mary B1
Wills, Nancy B1
Wills, Nettie B1
Wills, Samuel B1
Wilmot, Caroline S. B1
Wilmoth, James 1
Wilmoth, Joseph 1
Wilmoth, L. C. 1, 2, 3
Wilmoth, Levi 1
Wilson, - 1, 2
Wilson, A. 1, 2
Wilson, A. B. B1, 1
Wilson, A. L. 1
Wilson, A. P. 1
Wilson, A. R. B1
Wilson, A. W. B1
Wilson, Addie P. B1
Wilson, Albert B1
Wilson, Allison B1, B2
Wilson, Ambrose B1
Wilson, Amelia B1
Wilson, Ann B1
Wilson, Anna B1, B2
Wilson, Arthur R. B1
Wilson, Beatrice B1
Wilson, Caesar 1
Wilson, Charles A. B1
Wilson, Clarence B1
Wilson, Clyde B1
Wilson, Cora J. B1
Wilson, Cyrus E. B1
Wilson, D. 1
Wilson, D. H. 1
Wilson, D. J. B1
Wilson, Daniel B1
Wilson, Delia G. B1
Wilson, Della 1
Wilson, Dency B1
Wilson, Drusilla 1
Wilson, Edgar M. B1
Wilson, Elizabeth B1
Wilson, Ella B. 1, 2, 3, 4
Wilson, Elmira B1
Wilson, Ernest H. B1
Wilson, Estella B1
Wilson, Eva B1
Wilson, Frances 1
Wilson, George B1
Wilson, George M. 1
Wilson, Glen B1
Wilson, H. A. B1
Wilson, Hannah B1
Wilson, Harry B1
Wilson, Henry B1
Wilson, Hiram B1
Wilson, Hiram A. 1
Wilson, Horner B1
Wilson, Howard B1
Wilson, Huldah B1
Wilson, I. F. B1
Wilson, Irene B1
Wilson, Isabel B1
Wilson, J. C. 1, 2
Wilson, J. L. biography, 1, 2
Wilson, J. M. 1
Wilson, J. O. biography
Wilson, J. R. 1
Wilson, J. W. 1
Wilson, James B1, B2, biography
Wilson, James 1, 2
Wilson, James A. biography
Wilson, James L. 1, 2
Wilson, James William B1, B2
Wilson, John B1
Wilson, Joseph B1, 1
Wilson, Joseph C. 1
Wilson, Josephine B1
Wilson, Josephine Helen B1
Wilson, Josephine P. B1
Wilson, Judson B1, 1
Wilson, Laura B1
Wilson, Lee 1
Wilson, Leon C. B1
Wilson, Lillie B1
Wilson, Lizzie B1
Wilson, Lyman B1
Wilson, M. H. 1
Wilson, Maggie B1
Wilson, Margaret B1, B2
Wilson, Martha B1
Wilson, Martha A. B1
Wilson, Mary B1, B2, B3
Wilson, Mary A. B1
Wilson, Mary H. B1
Wilson, Matilda J. B1
Wilson, Mattie B1
Wilson, Nancy J. B1
Wilson, Nellie B1
Wilson, Otho 1, 2
Wilson, Parthena E. B1
Wilson, Peter B1
Wilson, Ralph Andrew B1
Wilson, Rebecca B1
Wilson, Robert L. B1
Wilson, Samuel B1
Wilson, Samuel R. B1
Wilson, Stella B1
Wilson, Thomas B1, 1, 2, 3, 4
Wilson, Thomas J. 1
Wilson, W. J. biography, 1
Wilson, W. P. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Wilson, William B1, B2, 1
Wilson, William H. B1
Wilson, William J. B1
Wimmel, R. M. 1, 2
Wimmell, R. M. 1, 2
Wimmer, Clara 1
Wimmer, H. S. 1, 2
Wimmer, Owen 1, 2, 3, 4
Wimp, Ida B1
Wimp, Maria B1
Winbigler, Jerry 1
Winbigler, John 1
Wingfield, Claude B1
Wingfield, J. G. biography
Wingfield, Jaley B1
Wingfield, Lizzie B1
Wingfield, Mabel B1
Wingfield, Mary B1
Wingfield, Ross B1
Wingfield, Roy B1
Wingfield, Thomas F. B1
Winkleblack, Melissa B1
Winkler, Ida B1
Winn, George W. 1, 2
Winrick, - 1
Winsor, H. 1, 2
Winter, - 1
Winter, W. L. 1, 2
Winters, A. Christian B1
Winters, Adelaide R. B1
Winters, Alice M. B1
Winters, Allie J. B1
Winters, Anna M. B1
Winters, Arthur O. B1
Winters, Catherine A. B1
Winters, Emma J. B1
Winters, Hannah C. B1
Winters, Hattie V. B1
Winters, J. Ross B1
Winters, James B1
Winters, John R. B1
Winters, Martha A. B1
Winters, Mary E. B1
Winters, Minnie A. B1
Winters, Nellie B1
Winters, Ralph R. B1
Winters, Sarah B. B1
Winters, William A. biography
Winton, - 1
Winton, C. F. 1, 2, 3, 4
Wirt, W. J. 1, 2
Wirth, Will J. 1
Wise, Albert B1
Wise, Byron B1
Wise, G. E. B1
Wise, Helen E. B1
Wise, Ida A. B1
Wise, Irene B1
Wise, J. Albert biography
Wise, J. F. B1, 1
Wise, John L. B1
Wise, L. H. B1
Wise, Lavina B1
Wise, Lena B1
Wise, Lloyd V. B1
Wise, Luther H. biography
Wise, Luther Henry Jr. B1
Wise, Lyman A. B1
Wise, Omah B1
Wise, Susan B1
Wise, W. J. B1
Wison, Letitia B1
Witlock, W. H. 1
Witt, - 1
Witt, J. C. 1, 2
Witt, J. P. 1