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Towns, Post Offices, Railroads & Map

History Items - Old Towns, Post Offices, & Railroads: Chase County Towns:
Towns and Post offices of Chase County - by Judy Lutt
Kansas Towns and Railroads

Old Maps

New Items:

Index to Funeral Home Records
Index to Dr Conaway's Patients
Index to School Registrations 1890 - 1957
Index to WW1 Registrations 1917-1918
Chase Co Obituaries
Submitted Historical Sketches
Chase County Birth And Birthday Notices
Chase County Marriage Notices


Doctors Birth Register 1911 - 1930
Chase County Register of Births, 1862 - 1930
Birth And Birthday Notices


Chase County Marriage Index, 1860-1938 A - Z

Chase County Marriage Notices

Death, Cemetery, Probates

New Item:

Chase Co Obituaries
Chase Co Burial Permits
Chase County Death Notice Index, 1863-2005
Cedar Point, Elmdale, Griffith and High Prairie Cemetery Inscriptions
Chase County Cemetery Inscriptions
Chase County Probate, Guardianship, Wills, and Miscellaneous Index

Surnames, Queries, Look-Ups

Surnames, Queries, Look-ups:
Chase County Surnames
Chase County Queries
Chase County Lookups

Historical Sketches

Historical Sketches, Autobiographies, Biographies
great dialogues of early Chase County:

Historical Sketches, Volume I, Index | Historical Sketches, Volume II, Index
Chase County Historcial Sketches, Vol. III, Index
Chase County Historcial Sketches, Vol. IV, Index
Submitted Historical Sketches
Index - Roots & Patchwork, an historical view of Chase County, Kansas, USA
Biographical Index 1918 History of Kansas


Chase County Newspapers:
Chase County Newspapers -Past and Present
Chase County Family Reunions

County History

History Items -Chase County History
Chase County Elected Officials, 1877 - 2002
History of Chase County, 1856 - 1899
History of Chase County, 1899 - 1999 With Index
Map & First Biennial Report of Chase County - 1878

Military and Pension Records

History Items - Military, Wars and Pension Records:
Chase County Civil War Veterans| 1883 Chase County Pensioner Rolls
Chase County Military Index, 1900 - 1990

Civil War Soldiers and Sailor System - National Park Service Index
Source for obtaining Veteran Files
1883 Kansas Pensioner Rolls
Kansas World War I Casualty Index
Chase County World War II All Services Registration
Chase County World War II Army Enlistment Index
Kansas Counties World War II Enlistment Index
Chase County World War II Honor List of Dead or Missing in Action
Other War Records for Chase County
Kansas Military Records, includes Vietnam and Korea

Census Indexes

Chase Co 1895 Census Index

1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 Census Chase County Look-Up, Contact, Lorna Marvin
And please send in those donations of Histories, Obits, Marriages, Death or Birth Notices or pictures.
Thanks to all those who contributed this year of 2003

Census Indexes:

Chase Co 1895 Census Index
Chase County 1860 Census Index |Chase Co1860 Census Index by Township |
Chase County 1870 Census Index |Chase Co1870 Census Index by Township
1880, 1920, 1930 Federal Census
1865, 1875, 1885, 1895 State Chase County
For Look-Up Contact, Lorna Marvin

Towns, Post Offices, Railroads

1912 Cyclopedia of Kansas - Chase County
Railroads of Kansas
The Santa Fe: A Chronology

Community History and Information

History Items - Community:
Cutler's Chase County Index
Cutler's History of Kansas

Digital Libraries & Other Links

ChaseCounty Digital Library
KSGenWeb Digital Library

KSGenWeb Links
A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans by William E. Connelley, c1918
A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans by William E. Connelley, c1918, 1919
Contains different biographies than those contained in the 1918 publication.
Kansas Education and Schools
Index to Forgotten Settlers

1912 - A Cyclopedia of State History,

Embracing Events,Institutions, Industries, Counties, Cities,Towns, Prominent Persons, Etc.
1855 Kansas Census--Index of Voters
1917-18 Civilian Draft Registration Cards
Kansas State Guard - Chase County

Kansas Vital Records - How andwhere to obtain Kansas birth, death, marriage and divorce records.
Gene Stark's Index of Names for allGen Web Sites (Includes all Chase County lines.)

USGenWeb Project

USGenWeb Project:

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