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Adair, Anna to Atkinson, Ruth
Atkinson, Thomas to Barb, O D


Beedle, Reuben to Bishop, M J
Black, Anna to Bookstore, Sophia
Bothard, A B Mrs to Breese, W
Brigstock, O T to Burch, Earnest
Burh, I M to Byram, M A
Byram, M L to Carson, Gorge B


Carson, R B to Clay, John
Clay, L A to Conaway, E
Conaway, F E to Crawford, Flora
Crawford, Frank to Daub, Dave


Daub, E G to Dickson, Grase
Dickson, Ire to Drummond, A V
Drummond, D D to Eastman, Rosa


Evens, Call to Ewing, Edwin
Ewing, Elizabeth to Fincher, Chas


Fincher, Jennie to Freeland, Wm
Freeman, Anna B to Gause, Lieda


Gause, O H to Gomer, Gorge
Gomer, Harry to Gross, K A
Groundwater, D G to Hall C Z


Hall, E M to Harlan, Nellie
Harlan, Pearl to Harvey, T J
Harvey, Thos D to Heckman, Mary
Hedrick, Earnist G to Hoffman, Albert
Hoffman, Augusta to Hood, M R
Hood, Maud to Huff, J C
Huff, M N to Jackson, Matilda


Jackson, Mattie to Johnson, M E
Johnson, Mary to Judd, Lily
Judd, Louisa to Kinney, Elisebeth


Kinney, J E to Landsbury, Mary


Landsbury, Wm to Leslie, L M
Leslie, Myrtle to Ludwig, Susan
Ludwig, Walter to Mann, E D


Mann, F M to McCabe, Jane
McCabe, Julia to McDowell, J E
McDowell, J L to Mercer, D W
Mercer, Daisie to Mise, A F
Mishey, C M to Morris, Walter H
Mosbey, Joseph to Noise, Carolina


Norris, P E toOsman, C M


Osman, Clinton to Patterson, W R


Pattet, Dora to Pettey, Joseph E
Pettey, M E to Piper, J
Piper, J H to Push, R M Mrs
Push, W P to Reed, J A


Reed, L B to Richards, Luther
Richards, M to Roberts, Ellen
Roberts, H N to Ruly, John
Ruly, Robert to Schiedel, Flora


Schiedel, Katie to Seeger, Mary
Seeger, Nancy to Shiffers, Infant
Shipman, B E to Slabaugh, Dora G
Slabaugh, Elmer A to Spain, Lydia
Speer, Blanch C to Stewart, Espy S
Stewart, George to Stubenhover, Albert
Stubenhover, Betty to Thomas, Anna


Thomas, Ben to Triplett, W H
Trumble, Fred to Wagoner, Clay


Wagoner, Ed to Watson, Ide Mrs
Watson, James E to While, D O
While, Florance A to Wilson, Clida
Wilson, Dora C to Yenzer, H J

Y - Z

Yenzer, J E T to Zimmerman, W

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Lorna Marvin

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