Transcribed from A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, written and compiled by William E. Connelley, Chicago : Lewis, 1918. 5 v. (lvi, 2731 p., [228] leaves of plates) : ill., maps (some fold.), ports. ; 27 cm.


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Please note:
Baxter Springs Middle School students and their instructors are transcribing these biographies. New links are being added as the transcriptions are completed and put on-line. We are striving to be as accurate as possible, If you find an error, please let us know.

If you know more information about these individuals and would be willing to share that information with others, please send the information including the source to: Carolyn Ward, P. O. Box 77, Columbus, KS 66725,

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Gabe, William H. F.
Gabriel, George W.
Gage, Willard Alpha
Galley, F. W.
Gardanier, Bert L.
Gardner, Fred C.
Gardner, Joseph
Gardner, Theodore
Gardner, Truman W.
Gasche, Wilfred B. picture
Gates, Edward C.
Gates, Horatio W.
Gates, Lavinia
Geddes, Karl Marshall
Geiser, William
Gemmell, George A.
Genn, Josiah Thomas picture
Genthe, Herman
Geoffroy, Frank
George, Nelson H.
George, Wilbur F.
Gephart, J. T. B.
Gibb, Robert Burns picture
Gibson, Charles M.
Gibson, John Samuel
Gift, Elmer Birdell
Giles, Fry W.
Gilliland, James F.
Gilman, John M.
Gilmore, David S.
Gilmore, Hiram Arthur
Gilmore, John S.
Gist, Almon A.
Glass, Earl Centennial
Glasscock, Samuel S. picture
Glaze, J. A.
Gleed, Charles S. picture
Glenn, Elmer E.
Goddard, Clarence Case
Goebel, Peter W.
Goheen, Samuel Fremont
Goheen, William Lenley
Gooch, William S.
Goodholm, Fred
Goodin, Joel K.
Goodlander, Charles W.
Goodnow, Isaac T. picture
Goodrich, C. B.
Goodwin, Arthur Winford
Goodwin, William C.
Gordon, James Colyer
Gordon, William Warring
Gosler, Nicholas
Gowans, James Walter
Graham, E. L.
Grattan, Robert V.
Grauerholz, Edward
Grayum, William Hebard
Graves, William E.
Graves, William W.
Gray, Alfred
Gray, George M. picture
Gray, Thomas
Green, Charles W.
Green, Ed
Green, Edward F. picture
Green, George G.
Green, William
Green, William D.
Greene, George A.
Greene, Isa Allene picture
Gregg, Washington E.
Gregorius, Peter
Griffin, John J.
Griffitts, Wesley Virgil
Grimmell, George H.
Gristy, James R.
Griswold, J. Louis
Grondal, Bror G.
Gross, Samuel S.
Grove, William Thomas picture
Guernsey, Mrs. George Thacher picture
Gundy, Charles T.
Gunn, Otis B.
Gupton, M. A.
Guthrie, John
Guy, Arthur Leonard

A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, written and compiled by William E. Connelley, Secretary of the Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, copyright 1918; biography index prepared by Carolyn Ward, instructor from USD 508, Baxter Springs Middle School, Baxter Springs, Kansas.