Transcribed from A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, written and compiled by William E. Connelley, Chicago : Lewis, 1918. 5 v. (lvi, 2731 p., [228] leaves of plates) : ill., maps (some fold.), ports. ; 27 cm.


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Sage Family of Shawnee County picture of Aaron Sage
Sage, A. O.
St. John, Marsena
Salathiel, Thomas Sherman
Salisbury, George W.
Salisbury, Ward
Salter, Park E.
Sample, Charles W.
Sams, Willis Franklin
Sanders, George Alfred
Sandidge, James G.
Sandzen, Sven Birger
Sanger, J. M.
Sapp, Edwin E.
Sapp, William Frederick
Sargent, John
Sarver, I. F. picture
Savage, Joseph F.
Sawin, Leroy E.
Sawyer, Charles Manville
Saxon, Theodore
Schalker, John Sr.
Scherman, Francis Joseph
Schermerhorn, William E.
Schilling, John
Schippel, Gotthart
Schmidt, Mathias M.
Schneider, Charles H.
Schoch, William F.
Schrader, Georg Frederich
Schroeder, Henry W.
Schwartz, William
Scidmore, W. A.
Scott, Andrew
Scott, Charles F. picture
Scott, Lee picture
Scott, Merle K.
Scott, W.
Scotton, Edwin
Scudder, Col. Thomas W. picture
Seal, John Henry
Searl, Oscar Ramsey
Searson, J. W.
Secrest, Edward picture
Secrest, Solomon picture
Seewir, John Gottlieb
Seitz, Jeremiah L.
Selig, August L.
Selig, H. W. H.
Sells, Allen William
Sessions, Charles H.
Severin, John P.
Sewell, Henry Seymour
Sewell, J. B.
Sewell, William C.
Shafer, Jacob
Shaffer, A. C.
Sharp, Anderson M.
Sharp, George James
Shaver, Albert N.
Shaw, A. J. picture
Shaw, Wayne F.
Shearburn, Edwin W.
Sheard, Thomas E.
Sheedy, Dennis Joseph
Shelden, Chester C.
Shelden, John Gardner picture
Shelden, Mary M. (Lamb)
Sheldon, Emmor J.
Sheldon, Herbert Franklin
Sheldon, Leroy B.
Shelksohn, Otto W.
Shellenbaum, Edward
Shellenbaum, Henry
Shelton, Frank Winfred picture
Shepard, William H.
Sherman, John Norval
Sherrill, K. Ellis picture
Sherwood, Frank Hubert
Shideler, Harry W.
Shimer, James C.
Shinn, Charles W.
Shirk, David Franklin
Shirk, James Abram Garfield
Shive, Edison E.
Shope, Robert S.
Shriver, William I.
Shuler, Lewis E.
Shumway, Charles C.picture
Simmons, Marion J.
Simms, Franklin Barry
Simon, Reinhold W.
Simpson, John W.
Simpson, Samuel N. picture
Sims, John Thomas
Sims, William
Sipple, G. K.
Sjogren, Claus J.
Skidmore, A. H.
Skidmore, Charles B.
Skinner, Carl H.
Skinner, Frank Newell
Skinner, Fred B.
Slaughter, John P.
Sleeth, William M.
Sloan, E. O.
Sloop, Charles Jacob
Slosson, George picture
Small, William
Smelser, William N.
Smith, Albert
Smith, Arthur Bourne
Smith, B. S.
Smith, Charles A.
Smith, Clement
Smith, E. O.
Smith, Emery E.
Smith, F. Dumont
Smith, Flavius Ralls picture
Smith, George S.
Smith, George T.
Smith, George Washington
Smith, Glenn
Smith, H. B.
Smith, H. H.
Smith, Jacob
Smith, James Noble
Smith, John May picture
Smith, John Quincy
Smith, Joseph B.
Smith, Leonard T.
Smith, Mary Pearl picture
Smith, Solomon A.
Smith, Tom D. picture
Smith, Walter Ashton
Smith, William A.
Smith, William H.
Smith, William H.
Smith, William R.
Smyser, William Christiepicture
Smyser, William Gardner
Smythe, John H.
Snow, Francis Huntington
Snyder, Elmore W.
Snyder, Howard L.
Snyder, Jonathan T.
Snyder, William P.
Soller, August
Songer, Harvey L.
South, Charles
Southern, George W.
Southworth, Hiland picture
Sowers, Fred A.
Spalding, Morillo Abial
Sparks, Oliver W.
Speer, John
Spencer, Calvin M.
Spencer, Charles F.
Spencer, Elizabeth Tantum
Spencer, Francis M.
Sperry, John H.
Spilman, Alexander Carrawaypicture
Spilman, Judge Robert B.
Spilman, Robert B.
Spines, J. H.
Spooner, Charles E.
Sprague, Keith Earl
Squier, William H.
Squires, Jeremiah Hampton
Squires, Ralph W.
St.John, Marsena
Staatz, John Harvey
Stagg, David L.
Stahl, Elmer Guy
Stahl, Frank M.
Stahlman, David C.
Stanford, John W.
Stanton, Michael
Stark, Dale
Starr, Alva C.
Starry, Clark Nicholas
State Bank of Nickerson, Kansas
Staubach, Berthold also known as Father Berthold
Steele, Jefferson L.
Stephens, Charles
Stephens, Mrs. J. H. (Esther Logan)
Stephenson, Fred L.
Stevens, Chester
Stevens, Thomas A. picture
Stevenson, James picture
Stewart, Allen Thomas
Stewart, James Harvey
Stewart, William J.
Stich, Adolph Carl picture, wife's picture
Stich, William E.
Still, Andrew T.
Stillings, Edward
Stillings, Vinton
Stillwell, Leander
Stolz, Michael M.
Stone, Fred L.
Stone, Joseph E.
Stone, Joshua A. picture
Stone, Ralph C.
Stone, Robert picture
Stonecipher, Ernest Everett
Storch, George
Stout, Mahlon F.
Stout, William
Stover, John S.
Strahan, Charles Samuel
Straub, Charles A.
Strawn, Asahel
Street, William D.
Strickler, Joseph L.
Strong, Benjamin Franklin
Strong, Frank
Strong, Henry D.
Stubbs, Walter Roscoe
Study, Harry P.
Stuewe family
Sudendorf, Herman H. picture
Sullivan, James D.
Sundgren, Eric
Surber, Cassius C. picture
Sutcliff, Harry O.
Sutcliffe, John S.
Suttle, William C.
Sutton, William B.
Swan, Paul C.
Swanson, Ernest Fritchof
Swarts, Carroll L.
Swartz, Louis A.
Swayze, Addison W.
Swayze, Jason Clarke
Swenson, John A.
Swensson, Carl Aaron
Swiggett, Clayton A.
Swogger, Glenn

A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, written and compiled by William E. Connelley, Secretary of the Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, copyright 1918; biography index prepared by Carolyn Ward, instructor from USD 508, Baxter Springs Middle School, Baxter Springs, Kansas.