Transcribed from A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, written and compiled by William E. Connelley, Chicago : Lewis, 1918. 5 v. (lvi, 2731 p., [228] leaves of plates) : ill., maps (some fold.), ports. ; 27 cm.


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Baxter Springs Middle School students and their instructors are transcribing these biographies. New links are being added as the transcriptions are completed and put on-line. We are striving to be as accurate as possible, If you find an error, please let us know.

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Raines, J. L.
Ramsey, Albert C.
Ramsey, G. LeRoy
Ramsey, Robert H.
Rankin, John Knox
Ransom, Henry R.
Rapp, William Frederick
Raub, Abram A.
Ray, Edward P.
Raynolds, Elmer L.
Raynolds, Lewis D.
Raynolds, William L.
Rea, Edward S.
Redenbeaugh, William Henry
Redmond, John
Reece, Henry Edward
Reed, Charles F.
Reed, Don Francis
Reed, Fred W.
Reed, George W.
Reed, James Henry
Reed, Ollie Ezekiel
Reed, Robert Allyn
Reed, William H. picture
Reed, William Wallace
Reeder, Andrew H.
Rees, Benjamin
Regier, Wilhelm E.
Reid, George K.
Reid, James W.
Reid, William R.
Reitzel, Walter M.
Reno High School
Renz, August
Reser, Zachariah
Reynolds, Thomas J.
Rhoads, Ross Homer
Rhodes, Fred H.
Rhodes, John S.
Rhodes, William H.
Rhokmas, Rees E.
Rice, Cyrus R.
Rice, John H.
Rice, Oscar
Richards, John F. picture
Richards, Oscar G.
Richards, William A.
Richardson, Ason Gittings
Richmond, Benjamin
Rickel, Joel H. picture
Rickenbacher, William J.
Riddle, Alexander P.
Riker, Charlie H.
Riley, William F.
Ringler, Peter J.
Rippetoe, William E.
Risdon, Charles Sumner
Roach, Thomas Watson picture
Robb, William E.
Robb, William Wesley
Roberson, Henry L. F.
Roberts, Frank H.
Roberts, James B.
Roberts, James B.
Roberts, John W.
Robertson, Fred
Robertson, I. A.
Robertson, John Duffy picture
Robinson, Albert A. picture
Robinson, Earl M.
Robinson, George W.
Robinson, John L.
Robinson, William Henry
Robson, Walter
Rochelle, Martin S.
Rockwell, Bertrand picture
Rogers, Duke A.
Rogers, J. Newton
Rogers, Neil Wilbur
Rohr, Paul
Rollman, Thilon J.
Roome, L. M.
Rooney, William Tecumseh
Root, Frank Levi
Root, Joseph P.
Root, Phares
Rose, John
Rose, Louis Henry
Rose, William W. picture
Rosenstein, Robert E.
Roser, Emil B.
Ross family
Ross, C. O.
Ross, Edmund G.
Ross, George Brinton
Roter, Louis R.
Roughton, William C.
Rounds, William M.
Rowland, Herbert A.
Rowland, Stewart P.
Royce, La Rue
Royer, Charles G.
Ruder, Frederick
Ruffner, F. J.
Rumbaugh, Isabel H. picture
Rumbaugh, Jacob
Rushton, George
Ryan, Edward Charles
Ryan, Edward J.
Ryan, Thomas

A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, written and compiled by William E. Connelley, Secretary of the Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, copyright 1918; biography index prepared by Carolyn Ward, instructor from USD 508, Baxter Springs Middle School, Baxter Springs, Kansas.