Transcribed from A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, written and compiled by William E. Connelley, Chicago : Lewis, 1918. 5 v. (lvi, 2731 p., [228] leaves of plates) : ill., maps (some fold.), ports. ; 27 cm.


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Baxter Springs Middle School students and their instructors are transcribing these biographies. New links are being added as the transcriptions are completed and put on-line. We are striving to be as accurate as possible, If you find an error, please let us know.

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Cabeen, Robert Jackson
Cable, Rufus E.
Cadmus, Walter Gordon
Cagney, Martin Van Buren
Caldwell, Alexander
Caldwell, Alexander second entry
Caldwell, Fred B.
Calene, John
Call, Leland Everett
Callender, Edward R.
Calnan, Henry J.
Campbell, Alexander M. Jr.
Campbell, James A.
Campbell, James Archibald
Campbell, James H.
Campbell, John Willard
Campbell, Leslie J.
Campbell, Ross Turner picture
Campbell, William P.
Canary, Simeon Cecil
Capper, Arthur picture
Carey, Emerson picture
Carlin, Hugh
Carlson, Charles G.
Carlson, Swan M. picture
Carnegie City Library of Emporia
Carpenter, Charles T.
Carpenter, George Monroe
Carpenter, John C.
Carriger, Elliott
Carroll, William
Carruth, William H.
Carson, David Friedley
Carter, Lucetta S. picture
Carver, Byron Jennings
Case, Nelson picture
Casey, William D.
Cassady, F. A.
Caster, Herbert O.
Cates, R. W.
Catholic Church in Lincoln County
Catlin, Arthur D.
Catlin, Sheldon Griswold
Cavaness, James M.
Cecil, J. F.
Cecil, William C.
Central Academy and College
Chalkley, Thomas Henry
Challis, Luther C.
Chandler, Charles H.
Chandler, Levi Leland
Chapman, Lavinia (Gates)
Chapman, Louis H.
Chapman, Samuel Bateman
Charles, U. G. picture
Chase, A. Sidney
Chase, Enoch
Chatterton, Harry T.
Chelander, John William
Cheney, William H.
Chesky, Joseph
Childs, Fred C.
Childs, Robert H.
Childs, Wesley R.
Chisham, James M.
Christensen, William C.
Church, Willard Volney
Cipra, Winslow
Claflin, Oliver Quincy
Clapp, Raymond C. picture
Clare, John
Clark, Buford
Clark, George A.
Clark, J. Walter
Clark, Omer O.
Clark, William B.
Clarke, Sidney
Clements, Claude B.
Clements, John A.
Clifford, Burton Emory
Clifford, Samuel R.
Cludas, Arthur Louis
Coats, Simon
Cobb, David G.
Coburn, Foster D.
Cochel, Wilber A.
Cochran, Joseph W.
Cockrell, Emery M.
Coffeyville Public Library
Coffman, John Franklin
Cofran, Roswell L.
Cole, Claude Lathrop
Cole, Sarah A. picture
Collins, Lloyd Minot
Combs, Lester Martin
Combs, Williams J.
Concannon, P. J.
Coney, Patrick H. picture
Connelly, Charles Albert
Connelly, Walter E.
Connelly, William Elsey
Conover, John picture
Conrad, John D. M.
Conroy, James Edward
Converse, Charles N. picture
Cook, Charles Hiram
Cook, J. B.
Cook, J. Edward
Cook, M. J.
Cook, Perry E.
Cook, Wylie White
Cooke, Anson S.
Cooley, Dawson W.
Coon, William F.
Cooper, James T.
Copeland, C. W.
Copeland, John M. picture
Corbet, James D.
Corbett, William E.
Cordley, Richard
Corkill, James J.
Cormany, William A.
Cornell, Dudley Emerson
Cortelyou, John V.
Cortelyou, Luther
Corwine, Herbert J.
Cory, Charles Estabrook
Coulter, Harry E.
Cowen, Eber
Cowick, Kate L.
Cowie, Daniel B.
Cox, H. L.
Cox, Keith Evans
Craddock, William Henry
Craig, David Francis picture
Craig, John
Crain, Charles C.
Crancer, John William
Crandall, Albert P.
Crane, David O.
Crane, Frank Snow
Crane, George Woolsey
Crane, Jackson B.
Cranston, Arthur Fulton
Cravens, Mrs. F. S.
Cravens, Richard Price
Crawford, George A.
Crawford, Lester M.
Crawford, Nelson Antrim
Crawford, Samuel J. picture
Creighton, V. E.
Crider, John H.
Crocker, Arthur Thompson
Crockett, James Duncan Millar
Croco, Peter Calvin
Cron, Frank H.
Crosby, Erastus H. picture
Crosby, Glocus P.
Crum, George Washington
Cully, Orville L.
Cullison, Robert Ernest
Culmer, Harry Haynes
Cummings, James Scott
Cunningham, John Milton
Cunningham, William L.
Curry, Andy
Curry, William R.
Curtis, Albert N.
Curtis, Frank H.
Cuthbert, James

A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, written and compiled by William E. Connelley, Secretary of the Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, copyright 1918; biography index prepared by Carolyn Ward, instructor from USD 508, Baxter Springs Middle School, Baxter Springs, Kansas.