Transcribed from A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, written and compiled by William E. Connelley, Chicago : Lewis, 1918. 5 v. (lvi, 2731 p., [228] leaves of plates) : ill., maps (some fold.), ports. ; 27 cm.


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Baxter Springs Middle School students and their instructors are transcribing these biographies. New links are being added as the transcriptions are completed and put on-line. We are striving to be as accurate as possible, If you find an error, please let us know.

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MacCaskill, Paul Phillip
MacDonald, John
Macferran, William
Mack, Charles Clifford picture
MacLennan, Frank P. picture
Madison, Edmond H.
Magill, Clyde
Mahaffey, Ira picture
Mahan, Robert Scott
Mahuran, John W.
Mallory, Arthur E.
Mallory, Samuel V.
Mallows, Anna
Manley, Leonard R.
Manning, Edwin C.
Manning, Harris W.
Mannion, T. P. picture
Manser, William H.
Marcell, Louis L.
Markham, Lewis A.
Marlatt, Washington
Marner, Gideon Penrod
Marple, Andrew Garfield
Marsh, Benjamin F. E.
Marshall, Daniel B.
Marshall, John P.
Marshall, William S.
Martin, Charles I.
Martin, E. N.
Martin, Frank Hayden
Martin, Fred W.
Martin, George W.
Martin, Harry R.
Martin, John
Martin, John Elmore
Martin, Ralph E.
Martin, William R.
Martindale, Howard F.
Mason, Walt
Massey, J. M.
Mathes, William O.
Matson, Mamley B.
Matthews, A. W.
Mattson, Carl P.
Maus, Jacob E.
Maxson, John Child
May, James M.
Mayer, Hans E.
Mayhew, Albert E.
McAfee, Henry W. picture
McAfee, Josiah B.
McAuliffe, Daniel D.
McAuliffe, Maurice
McBride, Albert P. picture
McBride, Ford B.
McBride, Paul J. picture
McCall, Thomas H.
McCampbell, Charles Wilbur
McCarter, Margaret Hill
McCarthy, John
McCarthy, T. W.
McCarty, A. H.
McCaslin, Marshall Marion
McClain, Baxter D.
McClellan, Frank
McClintick, George W.
McComas, Elisha Wesley
McCormick, Bion M.
McCormick, Orlen
McCoy, James L.
McCreight, Martin S.
McDermott, James
McDonald, Ralph W.
McDonald, William Stephen
McFarland, Frank Edimer
McGauhey, Joseph H.
McGee, James Neal
McGinnis, Walter Fletcher
McGonigle, James A. picture
McGrew, Henry picture
McGrew, James
McGugin, Harold
McInerney, Patrick
McInerney, Thomas J.
McKay, William T.
McKee, Leonard V.
McKee, Ralph M.
McKenzie, William Hunter
McKimens, John
McKinley, George
McManus, Michael Joseph
McMillan, Henry
McMillen, Robert N.
McNabney, M. S.
McNarrey, John
McNaughten, William L.
McNeill, Nancy J.
McShane, Timothy
McVay, C. B.
McVey, Walter L.
Mead, James R.
Mebus, Albert
Medill, James
Medill, Sherman
Meek, James M.
Meek, Maynard L.
Meierkord, Henry J.
Mendenhall, Ario C.
Mendenhall, Harry A.
Mercer, Joseph H.
Merritt, Joseph C.
Mertz, Sherman
Messinger, Asa
Metcalf, Wilder S.
Meyer, Richard
Michael, Dan A.
Michal, C. C.
Middlekauff, William Bruce
Miege, John Baptist
Mikesell, Edwin D.
Miller, Alvin W.
Miller, Archibald
Miller, Charles F.
Miller, Cleveland D.
Miller, Frank C.
Miller, Harry J.
Miller, Henry H.
Miller, Herbert
Miller, Hiram B.
Miller, James
Miller, John H.
Miller, Jonathan G.
Miller, Josiah
Miller, R. S. (Mrs.)
Miller, Richard S.
Miller, Viola DeEtta
Minier, A. M.
Mitchell, Charles L.
Mitchell, Daniel P.
Mitchell, Judson Wheeler
Mitchell, Mark D.
Mitchell, Paul Stafford
Mitchell, Robert B.
Mitchell, Robert Lawrence
Mitten, Ruth Emma
Moffit, William H. picture
Moffitt, Edwin J.
Mohler, Jacob C.
Mohler, Martin
Montgomery, J. Carroll
Montgomery, James
Montgomery, William Thomas
Mooney, Volney P.
Moonlight, Thomas
Moore, Atlantic A.
Moore, Carl
Moore, Charles E.
Moore, Edward Montieth
Moore, Ely Sr.
Moore, George Godfrey
Moore, George N.
Moore, Horace L.
Moore, J. T.
Moore, Jesse H. picture
Moore, John Mahlan
Moore, Ralph F.
Moore, Raymond William
Moran, James R.
Morehouse, George Pierson
Morgan, Ashton E.
Morgan, Benjamin Franklin
Morgan, Edwin B.
Morgan, Thomas W.
Morgan, William Y. picture
Morley, John M.
Morrill, Edmund Needham
Morris, Elias Emerson
Morrison, Frank
Morrison, Hugh H. picture
Morrison, Joseph L.
Morrison, R. P.
Morrison, Roderick
Morrison, Thomas F.
Morrow, James Calvin
Morse, J. C. O.
Morton, John B.
Moser, John William
Moss, Frank A.
Mossman, Frank E.
Moulton, Edward P.
Mourning, W. S.
Mowrey, David Lester
Moyer, Peter
Muir, Bryce
Muir, Joseph A. picture
Mulvane, David Winfield
Mulvane, Joab
Mulvane, John R.
Munson, Dunham O.
Murdock, Marshall M.
Murdock, Mary Alice
Murphey, George S.
Murray, Frank J.
Murray, James Philip
Murrow, William Rollins
Myerly, Clark L.
Myers, Charles Clyde
Myers, William A.

A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, written and compiled by William E. Connelley, Secretary of the Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, copyright 1918; biography index prepared by Carolyn Ward, instructor from USD 508, Baxter Springs Middle School, Baxter Springs, Kansas.