Transcribed from A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, written and compiled by William E. Connelley, Chicago : Lewis, 1918. 5 v. (lvi, 2731 p., [228] leaves of plates) : ill., maps (some fold.), ports. ; 27 cm.


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Baxter Springs Middle School students and their instructors are transcribing these biographies. New links are being added as the transcriptions are completed and put on-line. We are striving to be as accurate as possible, If you find an error, please let us know.

If you know more information about these individuals and would be willing to share that information with others, please send the information including the source to: Carolyn Ward, P. O. Box 77, Columbus, KS 66725,

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Hackett, Ansel B. picture
Hackney, William P.
Hageman, Frank picture
Haile, Elster M.
Halderman, John A.
Haley, William
Hall, Fred C.
Hall, Harry D.
Hall, Justus Otho
Hall, L. S. picture
Hall, William Cochran
Ham, William Emmett
Hamill, Claude Emmett picture
Hamilton, Alphius Lamont
Hamilton, Capt. John
Hamilton, John
Hammel, William Irvin
Hanback, Lewis ..OR.. Hanback, Lewis
Hancock, Ivy E. picture
Hangen, Charles P.
Hanlon, Thomas James
Hanson, William Christopher
Harbaugh, Henry Ford
Harbourt, Thomas C.
Harding, Benjamin
Harger, Charles Moreau
Harper, Floyd E.
Harper, Samuel N.
Harr, Frank Marion
Harris, Curtis L.
Harris, John P.
Harris, Nathaniel
Harris, William A.
Harshbarger, Harry R.
Hart, Harry W. picture
Hartley, Forrest M.
Harvey, Charles W.
Harvey, James Madison picture
Harvey, Loren E.
Harwi, Alfred Jonathan picture
Harwi, Frank E.
Haskell, John Franklin
Haskell, John G.
Haskins, Henry E.
Hassebroek, Enoch
Hasselmann, William
Hathaway, Philip Wing
Hatten, Ancil F.
Hatterscheidt, John P.
Hauber, Frank J.
Havens, Nora (Van Horn)
Havens, Paul E. picture
Haverstick, William C.
Hawkes, Samuel N.
Hay, Norman L.
Hays, Victor A.
Hayward, Jasper William
Hazen, William Paxton picture
Hazlett, Edward Everett
Hazlett, Robert Harmon picture
Heal, Hammond R.
Healy, Michael Joseph picture
Heath, Edwin Ruthven
Heberling, Hiram H.
Hebrank, John
Heckman, David
Hecox, Alfred Harris
Hedinger, Charles picture
Heeney, Ed
Heffelfinger, John Byers
Heiden, William Henry Von der
Heil, Peter picture
Heimann, Augustine P. picture
Heinz, Gerard
Heizer, Robert C.
Helmers, Henry J. Sr.
Hemphill, Samuel A. picture
Henderson, James W.
Henderson, Leonard Elmore
Hendricks, Charles M.
Hendry, Alexander Sutherland
Henley, Albert picture
Henneberry, Patrick E.
Herman, Frederick William
Hermann, John
Herr, Francis C.
Herring, Christian Franklin
Herrman, Charles H.
Herrod, Albert James
Hewins, Charles R.
Hibben, Ralph Randolph
Hickman, Herbert
Hicks, J. Clark
Hileman, Allen Dale
Hill, Burritt H.
Hill, Calvin M.
Hill, Charles A.
Hill, George G.
Hill, Gladys Evarts
Hill, Irving
Hill, Levi D.
Hill, Rufus Joel
Hill, Thurman
Hill, William F.
Hill, William J.
Hilleary, Charles Marion
Hilliard, Albert A.
Hillman, Alden C. picture
Hinckley, Harry L.
Hinds, Isaac M.
Hine, George S.
Hipple, Eugene
Hite, William Henry
Hitt, J. Boyd
Hobson, Thomas Milburn Jr.
Hodges, George H. picture
Hodgins, Sadlier J.
Hodgson, Howard J.
Hoffman, Christian picture
Hoffman, George M. picture
Hoffman, Michael T.
Hoffman, Samuel E.
Hoffman, William
Hoffmann, Arnold R.
Hogueland, William Edward
Hoisington, Perry M.
Holderman, Abraham James Sr. picture
Holland, James C.
Holliday, Cyrus K.
Hollowell, Nathan L.
Holmes, George N.
Holmes, Samuel picture
Holt, G. S.
Holt, William H.
Holzmark, Albert Julius picture
Honey, Henry R. picture
Hood, Edward A.
Hood, William Alexander
Hook, William C.
Hooper, Frank G.
Hooper, William W.
Hoopingarner, Joseph Henry
Hopkins, William A.
Horn, Jesse B.
Horton, Albert H.
Horton, Fred J.
Horton, Hubert "Bert" L.
Horville, Louis E.
Hosford, Clitus B.
Hoss, Granville S. Jr.
Houston, Chester C.
Houston, Samuel Dexter picture
Howard, David Millington picture
Howard, Richard C.
Howe, Edgar Watson
Howe, John Wallace
Howe, Samuel Theodore
Howell, Andrew J.
Howell, Thomas George
Hower, George Harrison
Howison, Herbert Milford
Howland, Clark Goodhue picture
Hoyt, F. C. picture
Hoyt, John C.
Hudson, Joseph Kennedy
Huffaker, Thomas S.
Huffman, Charles S.
Hughart, Arthur A.
Hughes, George
Hughes, John F. picture
Hughs, John Francis
Huiskamp, H. J.
Hummer, Samuel
Humphrey, James
Humphrey, Lyman L.
Humphrey, Lyman U.
Humphrey, Pius B.
Hunsaker, Chester E.
Hunt, John
Hunt, John Levi
Hunter, George H.
Hunter, William M.
Hurd, Albrert Arthur picture
Hurd, George W.
Hurst, Keenan
Hussey, Jerry
Hussey, Lewis T.
Hutchinson, Harris Winfield
Hyatt, William S.
Hyett, James E.
Hymer, Edward Staton

A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, written and compiled by William E. Connelley, Secretary of the Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka. Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, copyright 1918; biography index prepared by Carolyn Ward, instructor from USD 508, Baxter Springs Middle School, Baxter Springs, Kansas.